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Saturday, April 4, 2015

SCOTUS Ruling May Reach Into Your Family (Any Medicaid Recipients In Your Family?)

While there is no surprise with Republican cuts to Human Services programs, it is both alarming and surprising when the (conservative) SCOTUS rules in favor Medicaid restrictions. The level of alarm is exacerbated when the impact of the SCOTUS decision reaches so deeply into the fabric of the nation.

Are you aware of the full scope of Medicaid benefits? If you have an iota of compassion for Americans who rely of Medicaid to sustain life, you should consider expanded your knowledge.

Center on Budget Policy Priorities

If you expanded you knowledge of how Medicaid benefits millions, have a Talking Points Memo read on the recent Court ruling. 


A New Supreme Court Ruling On Medicaid Just Put 68 Million People At Risk


AP Photo / Evan Vucci

The SCOTUS ruling in no way influences current 2016 Budget negotiations. Yet, the ruling absolutely adds another stamp to American conservatism's grip on the nation.

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