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Friday, July 17, 2015

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CNN's challenged conservative bigot (and probably latent racist) David Frum regarding his Tweets of Serena Williams on steroids. The Tweets were quickly deleted by the anger filled bigot, but there is always an electronic footprint.
 Steroids? Oh no, no, no. “Body image issues.” 

Earlier in the week we published this piece regarding a man who obviously lost control of his emotions while consumed with anger the African-American tennis champion won at Wimbledon. It didn't matter that the American champion extended her mastery of her craft with over 20 Grand Slam victories; it did matter that his preference regradign Williams was not fulfilled.

You may have noticed my chagrin with the prospect American media would hand Frum a pass on what could only be described as privilege conferred at birth. A privilege not afford to the consummate and gracious champion, not matter her skill, demeanor and graciousness as a champion. Well, CNN proved me wrong regarding a challenge to Frum.

Frum would say there was no racial animus in his assertions regarding Williams' physical being. I posit, malarkey!

Media Matters

Blitzer: "I Have Seen No Evidence [From] All The Tests That She's Taken Over The Years" Of Steroid Use

Cnns wolf blitzer challenges David Frum

All said and good effort from Blitzer, but I have yet to read anything about the prospect of other tennis players who may appear a bit physically masculine.

Samantha Stosur 
Frum!  I am not hearing or reading anything regarding Ms. Stosur!

Earlier today I published a piece regarding the historic American icon Ida B. Wells and a thought provoking rant from Friend of the TPI Jon S. Randal.  Let's see if the piece fits David Frum.

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