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Thursday, July 9, 2015

TPI Morning Gazette: Fox News Jeb Bush, Donald Trump

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Donald Trump is all the political talk these days. His racist comments about immigrants (universal comments mind you) has sparked the attention garnering level of scrutiny , Trump so relishes. The firebrand carnival barker has even reached back to attack a former GOP resident who factually deserves negative process, but why has Trump held his remarks until now?
George W. Bush v Donald J. Trump.
Posted by Mediaite on Thursday, July 9, 2015
The following insert is a must read. Fox News spares no insanity via its messaging and efforts to soil the minds of its viewers.

 Roger Ailes is the PT Barnum of American Media.

This is it. We've hit the singularity.
Posted by Media Matters for America on Thursday, July 9, 2015

"What we have here is a failure to communicate!" A jaw flapping carnival barker who will never be President of the United States sand who is serving as the Todd Akins of 2016.
Anderson Cooper challenges Donald Trump on hiring undocumented workers he demonizes: "Isn't it hypocritical for you saying that illegal immigration is killing this country to be employing illegal immigrants?" 
Posted by Media Matters for America on Thursday, July 9, 2015
This actually made me lol.
Posted by Ezra Klein on Thursday, July 9, 2015

On yesterday, I posted on Chris Matthews soft-balling Rand Paul. While I did not watch Matthews and his Cruz interview of yesterday, I am reading the Hardball host played marshmallow platform with the Far Right demagogue. Apparently, there was a notable exchange regarding the SCOTUS, but it seems the viral conservative got over ten minutes of campaign air-time. There-in explains why conservatives have little fear in sitting with Matthews.  And the host's (period) ratings are probably going to surpass other hosts who do not pander to demagogues. MSNBC is rapidly losing my viewing.   

MSNBC's Hardball: linked

Many of you who are reading the Morning Gazette are at work.  You have not yet worked through the full measure of your lives and you are not yet afforded the opportunity (should you desire) to sit back and enjoy a life of little to no work (for pay). Jeb Bush wants you to continue working much further into your life and he will not support raising the minimum wage.  The GOP has a constituency that has many more millions who are beyond the age of retirement and who have exercised their "opportunity" to leave the workforce for another more relaxed stage of life. Those people provide a safe voting bloc for GOP rhetoric over the course of the GOP primaries. If Bush wins the GOP nomination, can you imagine how Jeb Bush will wash his mouth with vinegar or Etch-A-Sketch away from the following. 

From someone who's never broken a sweat in his miserable life...
Posted by Native Lefty on Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Mother Jones published a piece with 12 charts that will shake your paradigm regarding work int he US. 

You must work until well into your 70s while people like the Bushes take our nation to the pits while enjoying their family Barbecue.  Elitists Hunger Games garbage from the GOP is totally horrific. 

After last weekends Russian TU-95 bomber intrusions near US airspace scare from Fox News, the "fear mongering" network took yesterday's cyber failures as an opportunity to scare its older viewers.

Fox New is "Yellow Journalism" to the maximum.  

A flag that should have become archive US History decades ago is being taken down after death of nine innocent prayer worshipers. While the flag will leave the South Carolina capitol grounds later today, we will certain see increased manifestation of the flag and its racist messages in private settings. American conservatism keeps bad bedfellows. does it do any good to say, " well I am not supportive of that flag," when you traipse to voting pales and cast votes along with these people.


Herewith is the most heartfelt and emotional (and historic) legislative appeal to remove the flag from the South Carolina Capitol grounds. 
“If what I did changed the course of the debate, and I do believe it did, then it needed to be done.”
Posted by Think Progress on Thursday, July 9, 2015

PIG! Steal drought-stricken water as if no one deserves it but himself.  PIG!

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