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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

TPI Morning Gazette: Trump, Jindal, Planned Parenthood, Fox News

A Late after noon edition..due to a terminally ill pet best friend.....

Non-Progressive News

Geraldo Rivera is not taking the Fox News lock-step "Two Step dance" on the Iran nuclear deal. The neo-conservative appropriately unleashed on Fox New Business number of Obama-Hater, Stuart Varney.   And, unleash he did!
Fox News' Geraldo Rivera delivered a scathing rebuke to critics of the Iran deal: "Too bad, we are moving forward. This...
Posted by Fox Business on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Crash and burn Jindal style via Fox News. What we have here is the result of a direct question to a potential candidate who has a record that is just shy of embarrassing and deplorable. 

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal appears on Fox News Sunday with Bret Baier on July 12th, 2015.
Let's join a segment of the Baier interview posted on Forward Progressives.

Fox News' Brett Baier literally called-out the Louisiana governor regarding his handling of Republican tax and burn politics. Jindal has a campaign history of brandishing his attacks on public service works and his lock-step GOP anti-tax pledge as a model for his candidacy for the GOP nomination.  Well, anticipation of a second Fox News 'soft-ball' interview quickly faded. If you look close as the video runs, you can see the fade on Jindal's face as Baier roll-out the tough question.

Forward Progressives

Segment video

BAIER: Governor, you have economic problems at home. Your approval rating in Louisiana has hovered around 30 percent, stemming largely from how you handled a deficit of about $1.6 billion, a budget shortfall. And you are waiting to hear whether Louisiana will lose some of its credit rating, will be downgraded a bit. Why should anyone look at your economic record and say that’s what I want for the nation? 
JINDAL: Well, Bret, we actually measure prosperity on how people are doing in the real world, not the government sector. So in Louisiana, we have balanced our budget eight years in a row without raising taxes. Largest tax cut in our state’s history. Income tax cut. Secondly, we have cut our state budget 26 percent, $9 billion. Cut over 30,000 fewer state government bureaucrats. We’ve actually had eight credit upgrades. Our highest credit rating in decades. We’ve got more people working than ever before in Louisiana’s history, earning a higher income than ever before. We reversed 25 years of out-migration, seven years in a row of in-migration. Actually, you look at Louisiana’s economy, we have got $60 billion, 90,000 jobs coming into our state because of economic development wins. 
You’re right, the left doesn’t like what I’ve done because they say we’ve cut too much in government. Prosperity is measured in the real world, not the government world, and that’s the choice we face in 2016. 
BAIER: Governor, the way you’ve done that, you’ve tried to pass a plan — you passed a plan that many looked at as a way to keep a presidential campaign promise by not raising taxes. In consultation with Grover Norquist, with the Americans for Tax Reform. The Citizens for Tax Justice explained it this way, where the revenue came from. How a governor can raise taxes without violating a no-tax pledge. “Governor Jindal has created a Rube Goldberg-like budget gimmick. Governor Jindal passed a massive increase in college fees, which he then exactly offset with the new tax credit, resulting in no actual increase in costs for students. Because college fee increases do not technically count as a tax under Grover Norquist’s formula, Governor Jindal could claim that the tax credit, half of his plan, was a substantial new tax cut. Jindal could then sign an increase in the actual taxes, including cigarette taxes and other levies, without violating the pledge under the dubious claim that the tax portion of this package was revenue neutral.” Isn’t that, Governor, the kind of stuff that Republicans hate about Washington? (Source) 
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Trump's campaign strategy alert from the family of Kate Steinle! 
If you watch any news or current events, you know Donald Trump has grabbed the spotlight and favorable ratings among Republicans after his campaign announcement attack on immigrants and the country of Mexico. Here is one example of the opportunist's Trump use of death for political leverage.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 3.26.53 PM

We often hear progressive musicians passing word through media and possibly other channels that they do not support conservative politicians using their songs as campaign theme songs. Actually, the "word' from the entertainers is more words of "cease and desist" use of their material.  Improper use of an artist's work for political gain shouldn't be skewered as a problem for conservative politicians only. However, we do not hear nor read of artist issuing similar cautions or restrictions to liberal politicians. Leave it to Donald Trump to take unauthorized use to another level. Of late, Trump has rendered the brash and caustic Chris Christie to cherub status.

The tweet posted above and other opportunistic use of Kate Steinle's tragic death have generated responses to both Trump and Fox News about campaigning via use of the 32 years old's death. Fox News has joined the Trump race parade via broadcast segments that support his outlandish claims against Mexican immigrants: drug dealers, rapist and criminals. 


Trump'd ...He really nailed him! 


In this video, Brad Steinle, the brother of the woman slain by an undocumented immigrant slams Donald Trump for having the audacity to use her tragic death to...

Watch: Brother of Slain SF Woman Rips Trump for Politicizing Her Death to Justify His Racism

On another Trump front, the much herald report of a fumbling intern who posted a Twitter of Trump embossed over an American Flag has been upstaged with additional indication of a racially charged slant to Trump's campaign. The Twitter image delivered  another (alleged) inadvertent message: the tweet included an image of stock footage soldiers wearing German Third Reich/Nazi uniforms. 


Well, the oops continue with another tweet and this one has a much more direct and dire message of racism and bigotry.

As stated in a Mediaite piece. The Tweet has a message that may take a couple of reads to assimilate the full scope of the work. It took me three reads and a visit to the hastage address from the tweet and received the message after a few minutes of head scratching wonderment. 

"@Marta_AQT4U: Obama - just retire I'm ready for a real Leader !! @realDonaldTrump Please Hurry up and Get to The WHITE House !
7:16 AM - 14 Jul 2015
Racist is a horrific state of mind that manifest in privilege for some and oppression for the oppressed underclass. In Trump's case overt racist is not only working to advance his self political goal, there seems to be an undercurrent of intentional application of white privilege that many on the Right find appealing. 

USA Today

While a new Washington Post/ ABC Poll indicates Trump has a 57 to 40 fallibility rating among Republicans, the 57% is well enough to conclude: the GOP and American conservatives have a decided affinity for privilege conferred to white people via birth.

We, as have other media, reported about Trump intern's mistakes. The rational deep thinker should also consider it the tweets are intentional while delivering the desire message.

Let's end with another episode of conservative video editing to feed the minds and psyches of people who are enabling and adjoining in taking the US to the gutter. The use of deceptive video as a propaganda tool is as common among conservative media as Fox News' consistently high viewer ratings.  As is the case with Fox News such editing should offend the targets of the message; not in conservative America.
These right-wing attacks on Planned Parenthood are utter horseshit. Posted by Media Matters for America on Tuesday, July 14, 2015
If you go about life with the gift of rational thought, you should wonder why deceptive media is so widespread on the Right?

Editorial Slippage! 

CNN Poll March 2015

CLW on Poll

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