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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Quick Hit: Cecil's Brother Has Been Sighted Via GPS ....Alive

Cecil the lion probably never knew how beloved he was. The Zimbabwean feline, who was killed on a hunt in early July, was a popular attraction among visitors to Hwange National Park thanks to his status in some studies run by Oxford University scientists. Now, he's world-famous -- and<a href=""> the men accused of killing him are being taken to task</a>. Cecil (right) is pictured here with his brother Jericho, <a href="">who was reportedly killed</a> August 1.<strong> </strong>Cecil isn't the first animal to become a cause celebre for just being himself.

Despite reports of yet another poaching killing of an African Lion (celebrity Lion), the brother of Zimbabwe's Cecil, is not dead. Jericho is not dead!

All electronic media are reporting a death by poaching. The reports may not be accurate.  AoL News published a headline to a linked piece that fairly reliably refutes the claims.
Cecil's Brother Jericho Is Alive And Well, Researcher Says
       Despite reports, he says the lion was not gunned down -- and appeared to be hanging out with a lioness.Headshot of Katie Sola

NPR is reporting Jericho is not Cecil's brother.  NPR also reports the stories sbout a poached Jericho could be false. 

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