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Friday, December 4, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trumpism Spreads

"Well, this is Trump's trump card. It is his ethnic taunt to the worst of the Obama haters. It is his willingness to argue that the President isn't really one of us...... Chris Matthews, MSNBC, Hardball. '

Matthews ended his show last night with a "Let Me Finish" segment related to Donald Trumps address to a Jewish group. Tutrmp joined most GOP primary hopefuls in addressing the group with Trump nd Carson's remarks coming in as the most unfathomable.

"Let Me Finish" Via The Daily Kos
If you need any additional validation of Trump as (for some) a titillating form of entertainment, you might want to follow the embed post that follows. As you view the item, think in terms of appropriateness and decency at the presidential level. One glance that article piece will suffice.
This is possibly the Trumpiest Trump campaign photo of all Trump time
— Mother Jones (@MotherJones) December 3, 2015

If the unpresidential act of accepting the request to autograph just above a left breast isn't enough to induce questioning Trump's lack of decency, I offer the following.  Do you recall the exuberant Latino woman who joined Trump on the campaign stage in Law Vegas a few weeks back? Trump rewarded her animation with a smooch to the top of the head and ample waistline rubs (gropes).  It is impossible throughout US History to find a presidential candidate who seems to attract more prurient exhibitions.

From questionable touching to Trump's latest strategy to abscond a few million dollars related to his "celebrity." Trump's statements about CNN earning revenue off of his appearance and a related request to pay him $5 million dollars to appear on the next debate didn't succeed in increasing his net worth.

After CNN's President Fred Zucker resounding rejected Trumps's silliness or his efforts to manipulate the gullible, Trump reflected on his ploy.

Five million USD to appear on the CNN Debate next week?
Isn' that proof of Trump as a traveling clown show?
Mediaite published a piece that further exemplifies Trump's penchant for playing all or any angles to feed his narcissism. 
On another front, during the recent address to the group of Jewish Republicans Trump used his stage time  to spew Jewish stereotypes and put-downs (For non-conservative Jewish People). We can only assume conservative Jews in attendance did not object to the bigoted Trump performance. 
Finally, another US media outlet published an opinion on Trump's bigotry and racism: The Washington Post

The shame of it all! 

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