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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Joe Scarborough Got The Latest GOP/RNC Strategy Memo: Link Bill Clinton/Bill Cosby Against Hillary

As part of MSNBC's Morning Joe show, Former Democrat Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford, generally takes a mid-of-the-road Democrat lean (with occasional minutia that leans right of center).  Ford is no deep progressive.  Ford is, however, professionally level-headed and apparently felt Scarborough's following RNC election strategy was a bit of bridge too far and actually ridiculous.  On Monday Scarborough added to his show what seems to be lock-step strategy to link Bill Clinton as an anvil to Hillary Clinton's presidential primary campaign.

The strategy is an indication of the depths of RNC desperation in battling against Clinton; she is obviously viewed as a magnet of the 2016 General Election woman vote.  

Watch as Scarborough and his number one conservative shill pundit works the Bill Clinton/Bill Cosby strategy.


Scarborough Presses: ‘I’m Fascinated to Hear Why Comparing Bill Cosby to Bill Clinton is Wrong’
Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 7.43.42 AM
 The rhetoric on Monday’s Morning Joe turned heated between cohost Joe Scarborough and Harold Ford during a discussion on the newly-renewed conversation of President Bill Clinton’s past transgressions in office and its impact on the 2016 campaign trail. Scarborough offered the connection between Clinton and disgraced comedic legend Bill Cosby, whose ongoing allegations of sexual abuse continue to dampen his legacy.

Scarborough began, “I wonder how the public looks at Bill Cosby and says, ‘This beloved man who changed American culture as much as any entertainment figure in our lifetime is going to have to be accountable for the way he treated women behind closed doors’. How does a public that has come to that conclusion say, ‘The Bill Clinton’s stuff OK’?”.

“Raising your voice at me doesn’t make this right,” countered Ford. “Comparing Bill Clinton to Bill Cosby is wrong.”

Scarborough pressed Ford directly by responding, “I am fascinated to hear why comparing Bill Cosby to Bill Cosby is wrong.”

“Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton’s cases are completely different,” said Ford. He continued to argue that the number of women who allege misconduct against Cosby — numbering upwards of 50 — separates the two cases. “The facts are very, very different.”

Ford noted, “I just think if Bill Clinton’s political career was not undone by these things, why should Hillary Clinton’s career be undone by these things? Ultimately voters will make make (the) decision.”

Scarborough dug in against Ford on the seeming disconnect between Hillary Clinton’s rhetoric as a champion on women’s rights and the longstanding allegations against her husband:
“This is all about Hillary Clinton’s treatment of women who may have been sexually abused. Can she move forward in this campaign talking about a war on women, talking about — as she did in Northern Iowa — that women who claim to be sexually abused have the right to be heard and the right to be believed — when she says that, is the New York Times right? Do we have to examine what she did to protect herself and her position of power when woman came forward and claimed sexual abuse on her husband’s part?”
Ford took aim at the members of the Republican party for their own transgression regarding abuse, but fell short of “defending” the actions of President Clinton in the past.

Watch the above video from MSNBC’s Morning Joe.
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