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Monday, January 4, 2016

Oregon Terrorists Takeover: Media Perspectives

American patriot...No, US terrorists to the max!

Law: Cornell University

As we watch the Bundy family again resort to utter seditious anarchy, some in the media are finding the takeover of a government building quasi-acceptable.

The Washington Post's Chris Cilizza Facebook a post earlier today that seems to indicate a degree of sympathetic understanding and empathy for the Bundy led terror (threats).

Take a few minutes and see how US media works and how ti is becoming a conduit for US anarchy often embodied in acts of pure terror.  The predominately white militia terrorists at the wildlife refuge have indicated a desire to shoot it out with federal law enforcement.

Cillizza's Facebook Intro:

"Read this. Learn something."

Herewith is the piece the Washington Post opportunist promulgated via Facebook.

"Nine Maps?"  It doesn't matter the number of maps, even if the federal authorities had wounded one of the ranchers the wanton anarchists seek to protect, along with the takeover of the refuge seems close to public sedition. Sedition when coupled with implied and overt declarations of intent to shoot, seems like fodder for federal action. Oregon occupiers’ complaint, explained in 9 mapsWASHINGTONPOST.COM|BY PHILIP BUMP

If we contrast a piece just published from the Rachel Maddow team, we find sharp contrast and opposite positioning regarding the takeover.

When armed anti-government militia members seize a building that's not theirs to take, it's a rather serious problem. 
Time to get up to speed on the crisis unfolding in Oregon. 

Militia members occupy Oregon refuge, vow to stay for 'years'
When armed anti-government radicals seize a building that's not theirs to take, it's…

Over the weekend, I predicted Fox News would approach the anarchism via conservative rationalizing that borders on sensationalizing the takeover. Here is an example.  Fox New Contributor Justifies Takeover.

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