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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

GOP Quick Hit: Trump's $8 Billion Mexico Wall and Bush (DUBYA'S) Political Ad

As we move through an election cycle (specifically primaries) and hear and watch innumerable cable news hosts grovel to Donald Trump, it was refreshing to locate a clip of a journalist who went about her work as tenaciously and thoroughly as possible. When dealing with a professional grifter and reality TV showman, the opportunity to nail down a bloviating candidate is rare. MSNBC's Tamron Hall performed admirably during a time when most hosts via her network either do not have an opportunity to sit with Trump, or are paid reporters who dare not speak open negative remarks about Trump. At least, Hall avoided the all too frequent court-room reverence of "Mr. Trump."

Hall asked Trump about the cost of his Mexico Wall. She received a typical Trump answer: bloviated manure laced copious self-stroking his ego. Trump continues to tell his gullible followers he will build a wall and have the government of Mexico pay for the physical barrier. Oddly enough during the first minute of the interview, Trump mumbles through a set of words that seem to denote something about taxpayers.

Allow one more perspective on Trumps mouth and the garbage that seems to consistently ooze from within. 

Trump on repeating the p-word" Everybody wants to be so totally politically correct, and it's honestly a problem for our country" - Donald J. Trump talks about the controversy over repeating the p-word at his New Hampshire rally
Posted by Tamron Hall on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Speaking of mumbling, gullible and sycophant voters; take note of Jeb Bush's latest political ad. From Trumps grifting oratory, to desperation from Jeb Bush. It is unfathomable for any GOP primary candidate to trot out the most failed US President in modern US History. George W. actually delivers words in the following commercial that should have given "cause to pause" even from his wife: Laura Bush. Bush 43 should never mention the words: "prepared to lead" and "experience and judgment counts in the Oval Office." 

George W Bush!  A president who followed trickle-down economics and  his self-serving wars drove our nation and the world into economic crisis. He Actually used the words judgment and leadership.

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