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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Fox News And African-Americans

"Our party is the new, young and diverse party." -Reince Priebus (Chairman, Republican National Committee)

We conseider Fox News the bell-ringer Pied Piper for the GOP. In that cointext, let's see a couple of recent examples of the extent of diversity in the GOP. A party with a diverse ideology would never support broadcast as those psoted below. 

Do you recall this from the 2102 General Elections:

Did you notice anything that stands out like an oasis in Death Valley Nevada? If you missed the point, maybe you should think about your social awareness and openness as well as your knowledge fo the GOP. Do you see any reference to African-Americans or "black?
Americans" (if you prefer)? Of course, that segment of the population is 'invisible' to the GOP.

As we moved towards the end of President Obama's second-term, I find it amazing the level of effort and air-time expended by Fox News on matters related to African-Americans. Before I show an example, allow me to remind your of the basis for doing business: "Give the customers what they want."  Fox News is the master of satisfying its viewers customers.

Herewith is the latest example of a hired performer who happens to be an African-American (Although she will hate being called such), who is highly compensated for serving as what I call a "Differentiator."  The "Differentiators" are black people who spend most of their lives working to appear non-black, act non-black or literally be non-black (excuse that expedient vernacular). They exist, to promulgate and live to show they are "different" than the others. 

Watch and listen:

Blacks are "Slavish" to Democrats." There is only one phrase or dog whistle more popular than a conservative referencing "slavery:" that all too familiar conservative rebel yell of "USA, USA, USA." If you view the image above before the video starts, you can clearly see the glee and strategic excitement in the paid stooge's face and desire to fulfill her role.

As referenced in the opening portion of this piece, the stooge serves well.  

An important consideration is coming with the year. What happens to the hired disparagers when Obama is no longer in office and Fox News finds far less need to pay these stooges for their (pun intended) color commentary? How about one more example.

Late last week, I ran across a post from another very popular Fox News demagogue: frequent-fox-guest-gavin-mcinnes

The shame of it all.


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