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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump's Vulgar State Of Being (VIDEO)


Trump is taking US politics further and further into an abyss filled with vulgarity. As far back as 2011 (before Trump opted out of vying for the Oval Office)) his penchant for utter vulgarity was ever-present. The shock of his comments was surpassed by the receptivity of this audience. An even more interesting and disappointing reality was the 2011 reaction to a speech laden with the "F" word and his apparent use of another increasingly popular vulgar phrase: "Mother-fucker." Trump via YouTube.
Last week Trump continued his "potty-mouth" demagoguery in the lead-up to the New Hampshire Primary. The Daily Motion.

A Trump spokesperson (who has a jaded past to put it mildly) didn't find her boss's comments vulgar to the level of unacceptable. In fact, she opted for that common Trump vernacular of "non-PC." 

Friend of the TPI, Mike Victor, recently posted a point on comments regarding Trumps increasing use of vulgar remarks.

Mike Victor
Are we in sixth grade? Are these playground bullies egged on by other bored students amused by the novelty and mystery of scatological references to things half haven't seen?

Two things:  

Republicans, I know you are obsessed with lady parts but show some respect. Grow up.  
Second, how does it show bravery to approve - at a safe distance - someone else's torture? Especially if you know such cruelty is popular in your base? Wouldn't the brave thing be to oppose it, to stand up to cruelty even if it's unpopular to do so? You know, like that Jewish teacher a long time ago who stood up to a crowd of angry men about to murder an adultress, challenging them not to be even more cruel but to let her go unless they themselves were without sin?
How being called a pussy has become an insult is beyond me. An asshole I can understand. A piece of shit. An anal wart. A puddle of santorum. 
These smell and involve waste or its secretion. 
But a pussy is delightful, beautiful, and absolutely essential to the propagation of life. It represents the beginning of the world for all of us except those born by C-section combined with artificial insemination.  
Republicans, I know you are obsessed with lady parts but show some respect. Grow up. 
What WAS that guy's name? And if only there was a party that didn't think he was a "pussy" whose ideas deserved to be mocked...
When does a nation realize the Trump cancer must be placed in check as it is metastasizing into a terminal state of disgust?


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