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Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Trump Vote And The Diminution Of A Nation

Nate Slivers 538 Blog and a quick look at how the vote for Trump Vs Clinton played out. It is important to recognize and recall over 60 million eligible voters either did to vote or voted third party. A shameful state of national mindset and a testament to how US politicians have driven close to one-third of eligible voters into a state of "non-voter". 


Let’s now move to African Americans.

Graph 1

Let’s now move to African Americans.
The Youth vote? 

The Atlantic reports the Youth vote skewered left but not the extent of past general elections. 

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How about a peep at the major voting blocs? The Latino vote was alarming.

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In February 2016, The Center for American Progress published a piece with validating data the GOP will always garner a majority of white voters. The Center's data period ran from 1972 through the 2012 Obama Vs Romney presidential election. The data indicates a 54.8 to 40.6 deep lean of white voters opting to support a party which historically offers failed and disastrous economic policy. Should we assume the white voter, for the most part, casts social votes?


Of course, there isn't actually a surprise to see the majority of white voters lean towards the nation's conservative party. While not a surprise, we do find it shameful as it offers a foundation for how we, election after election, face a future under regressive GOP Policy; unless minority voters and white women stand against the GOP. Well, via the 2016 general election we see Latinos and White women share in our current Trump reality TV show.

Voting matters.  If we sit for the daily runs of the Trump reality show the importance of casting a vote for a candidate who will work to move the nation forward Vs moving the nation back into GOP Paleozoic policy.

Yet, NPR's recent article about results from an NPR/Ipsos Poll indicates a cooling off of American zeal for Trump's "fake" American First mantra and campaign promises. The results again point a revealing light on the utter shallowness of voters who buy into GOP politicking and, who after voting, suffer along with us liberals as we watch the GOP fumble through federal (and state) governance.

Observation since Trump's inauguration indicates Trump should have run of "Russia First."  While offer as a bit of humor, American conservatives would still have flocked to the polling places to cast their "social vote." 

In early April, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow ran a segment about Trump's catastrophic Administration. The segment is typical Maddow long but touches on foreign policy issues (Russia other authoritarian regimes) which have to sit uncomfortably in the minds of rational voters.

While the list of available shame for Trump exudes in cyber-space and newspapers, we off one an additional perspective via MSNBCs Ali Velshi. 

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