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Friday, May 19, 2017

Trumpism: Running Amuck (Despots, Dictators, Brutes, And Trump)

Trump Smorgasbord...The Shame

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When Turkey's autocratic Prime Ministers won re-election, Trump call the despot to congratulate him and invited Erdogan to visit the United States and to specifically visit the White House.

Before we go one, it should be noted President Obama expressly avoided inviting Erdogan to the White House for reason which were made clear via the attack on peaceful protesters by the Prime Minister's security detail (bodyguards). What you about to see is horrific and typical of despots who order their henchmen to attack, disrupt, intimidate or even kill dissidents. The attack was outside of the despots living quarters as a guest to of the United States. 

If you voted for Trump and maintain a life in which you support the meandering clown, watch closely. This is the United States, not Turkey, Iran,Russia, Saudi Arabia, nor any of the African nation despots who squash any form of dissent. 

While an unfair question, do you think such an attack would have taken place had Barack Obama still occupied the White House? Why and unfair question? Barack Obama would never have entertained such a despot in the White House.

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On another front we absolutely must visit with conservative America's GOP communications division: Fox News. Watch as Fox News, Martha MacCallum, host a political fight between a right wing mouthpiece and a left wing mouthpiece (to keep it balanced). 

You Tube

Martha MacCallum "Fox News" Spars With Panelist in Heated Trump Debate

If you have a bit more time, watch as CNN's Kate Bolduan handles in a very different manner the Trump paid surrogate booked by CNN Live show producers.

Is there any wonder conservatives and theri nascent party leader "carnival" Trump prefer Fox News coverage Vs that of media which for the most part works at a much more professional level? I will add, professional level with truth and fairness as s central point in most on-air discussions. (of course, with exception for CNN's silly 4 X 4 Left Vs. Right leaning panelists; also referred to as the Jerry Springer CNN panels. 

Eighteen contacts during the campaign!  A serious matter, even for those of you who find Trump and company palatable.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow

Eighteen contacts between Russian and the Trump campaign.

Is America still the "Beautiful?"

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