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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Trumpism: Fox News, Trump Propaganda, And The Obama Economy

A lie is a statement used intentionally for the purpose of deception.[1][2] The practice of communicating lies is called lying, and a person who communicates a lie may be termed a liar. Lies may be employed to serve a variety of instrumental, interpersonal, or psychological functions for the individuals who use them. Generally, the term "lie" carries a negative connotation, and depending on the context a person who communicates a lie may be subject to social, legal, religious, or criminal sanctions. 
I believe what follows isn't the first time the Fox News morning dweeb (in blue) has issues statements which are flat-out ignorant. While we realize the Trump's favorite morning TV fare is Fox & Friends, We must (at the risk of appearing disrespectful) express a lack of surprise of what follows. Listen carefully for a few seconds at the host in blue mentions "communist" Japan in World War II.

Let's move from Fox News to the object of their stumbling lying and propaganda.

If Trump only realized how utterly pathetic he appears via his beloved TV (monitors) 

Witch Hunt?

Fake, Fake, Fake...News

We offer this link as you consider the business of Trump's Fake News. (4,229 lies in less than two full years in the Oval Office.) 

Salting a jury and hinting at pardon for Manafort

A message to the Jury and a message to Manafort

He is a good person..... 
18 counts of the total 32 counts in the February 2018 superseding indictment 
including five counts of subscribing to false U.S. income tax returns from 2010 to 2014,  
four counts of failing to file reports of foreign accounts from 2011 to 2014,  
five counts of bank fraud conspiracy, and 

four counts of bank fraud.

A case of propaganda killing from CNN's Chris Cuomo. we have issues with Cuomo at times, but it is good to see a CNN prime time evening host devote a few minutes to stepping on Trump propaganda and carnival ticket sales.

Trump and his talking head pundits frequently stating their positive impact on the "great US economy.  Well, yes the US economy, in some sectors is doing quite well; in other sectors not so well.  The carnival ticket sellers also work to convince you of the influence of the Trump/Ryan (Ayn Rand) Wealthy tax cut.  Cuomo also addressed that fallacy lie. 

If you have come this far in the piece, you have just run through a cauldron of Trumpism.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Obama Economy Churns On

We should expect better from the White House.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Image may contain: text

Trump also has a tendency to brandish a false reality regarding the US economy on a comprehensive basis. He frequently speaks about and has his presstitutes speak out the "great economy". Well the "great US economy" did not commence on January 20, 2017.  Politifact, as well as most credible media, don't share Trump's I am the only one: communications regarding the US economy.  Politifact linked here.

As we frequently state:  Maybe Trump and company should celebrate not crashing the US date.

One last look.

No automatic alt text available.

Regarding black unemployment or "black jobs". The numbers will aswys correlate to unemployment as the neumebr are unseprable. Differentiating the numbers for politcal advantage is an exercise in the ridiculous.   It employment numbers go up black unemployment will go down just as white unemployment would go down.


As Trump's World Turns: Black Monthly Jobs Numbers ("Fake News")

Defending Against Alleged Use Of "N" World Leads To Press Sec'y SNAFU

Watch and listen as the White House Communications department either shows its level of utter incompetence, or the communications operatives sought to pepper its supporters and uninformed independents with false jobs numbers. The numbers feed to the Press Corp via Press Secretary Sanders were on first hearing farcically inaccurate while defying logic.

The numbers Sanders spewed were offered to offset allegations Trump is on tape using the "N" Word. Why would a denial of use of a guttural disparaging word require staking the platform with comments to assuage (allay or palliate) the psyches of listeners? The effort failed miserably and in accordance with other serious Trump Administration communications SNAFU.

We offer the full segment (question and response) from the CNN reporter, as well as a shortened version for additional clarity.  What follows adds to the reality of Trump's talking heads reaching back to the previous administration for punching bag comparisons.

Within mere hours Sanders appeared on Twitter to apologize for issuing "fake news."

Correction from today’s briefing: Jobs numbers for Pres Trump and Pres Obama were correct, but the time frame for Pres Obama wasn’t. I’m sorry for the mistake, but no apologies for the 700,000 jobs for African Americans created under President Trump

As we fold yet another episode of Trump "fake news" into US History it is important to recall and remember a key point. Trump recently hired a former Fox News executive, Bill Shine, to run his communications Department and serve as an adviser. As a Fox News top executive, we posit information from the White House will take on edges which fuzzy reality so much, we can expect more such apologies. While the Trump team disdains the apology, the words are unavoidable when issued to address failures in Communications 101 (check and recheck reportable data when possible). If the data is unverifiable, do not use the data.

But, in the Fox News world, it is much more easy and effective to as for forgiveness then pass on an opportunity to pepper viewers with false reports.

Market Watch published a piece this past April which effectively shows Shine's former network has issues with bias and reliable reporting.  Excellent read but includes one chart which requires a bit of discernment (the word use triangle).

Fox News is less trusted than CNN and MSNBC, Fox News graphic shows

Shouldn't the nation expect better from the White House?


Saturday, August 11, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Facts, Alternative Facts, No Facts, Ugly Facts,

Image result for what is being reported is not whats happening
"What you are seeing in the news is not what is happening." Trump to the VFW.

Let's spend a few minutes on the various shades of facts absent in Trumpism.

First, a peep at the effectiveness of Trump's strategy as the following people were photographed abusing news reporters.

Image may contain: 12 people

Facts and Paris Dennard, response to Erin Burnett's question regarding Trump's now historic remarks following the killing of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville Virginia one year ago tomorrow:

"Erin Burnett, don’t ask me ridiculous questions."

Dennard had to know the question Burnett posed would be part of the segment. Yet, he refused to answer the question while applying a small dose of "Gish Gallop" deflection towards Burnett's Left-leaning guest, Joan Walsh. 

Dennard is an official on Trump's 2020 re-election team. He is also an unabashed Trump talking head and "presstitute". Actually, I suspect Dennard is paid both by the Trump circus as well as CNN.  

Facts are not an underlying core value of Trumpism.

While I recognize the following segment has a fairly long run time, it is important to view another Trump talking head: Candace Owens. The segment may have run longer than prescribed via show programmers and producers, based on Owens clear intent to Gish Gallop through the pre-defined tie parameters. An effective tactic many Rightwing talking heads deploy.

MSNBC Arl Melber The Beat with Michael Eric Dyson and Candace Owens. linked here.  

Living and serving as a black conservative isn't an issue. People have the right to political lean in any way they wish.  The problem with the Owen's, the Dennard's and the Darrell Scott's is their willingness to wave the conservative  (Republican) flag while the world now knows Trump is as a minimum a seething bigot. Of course, you know the next stage of racial animus (especially when one has the power to so readily influence race relations in our society).

When Burnett asked Dennard a question regarding race, a year ago national tragedy which ended in death, beatings, fired weapons,  and "Jews Will not replace us" manifestations.  Dennard's answer was typical. 

Facts?  A trait not imbued in the 45th President of the United States. 

ABC News

The reason facts serve as a dangerous void in Trump is as clear as this...

Image result for russian thank you for trump

And on a more serious and deeply rooted note, watch as Fox News's Laura Ingraham assisted in moving the psyche of her viewers towards increasingly overt acts of racism.  

While Ingraham returned to her set the following day with a typical Fox News denial of her intent the previous day, the reality is she fed her viewers what they tune-in to absorb. She followed the next show with an effort to placate her advertisers. The reality is her comments were as based on deep-rooted racism as David Duke's past as Leader of the KKK.

What is restraining the Right from simply opening up with its inner core aversion to diversity, its embrace of bigotry and its consistently underlying threads of growing racism? While Ingraham traipses on the periphery of overt racism, I posit she actually Venn Diagramed into racism comparable to Pat Buchanan. 

Watch the seamlessness and shamelessness of Ingraham and well known US racists and white supremacists. 

Fact: Ingraham laid a racist egg and 24 hours later she attempted to whitewash her remarks. Meme of the Day.

I'll close with the perfect example of why facts are not conducive to Trumpism. Actually, it appears facts are incongruent to the Trump supporter she ad core values.

Image may contain: 4 people, text

Yes, facts matter when facts are offered from, credible people. Herewith is yet another example of how the GOP is literally infested with people who do not hesitate to distort facts, lie offer fakery to cover their lives.

Florida GOP Candidate Accused of Faking College Diploma

Isn't there another famous case of a fake degree associated with Trunpism?


Friday, August 10, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Chain Migration, In-Laws And The Utter Shame (VIDEO)

Viktor (left) and Amalija Knavs have become US citizens with their attorney Michael Wildes watching on.
Do as I say, not as I Do!

Chain migration is a term used by scholars to refer to the social process by which migrants from a particular town follow others from that town to a particular destination. The destination may be in another country or in a new location within the same country.
CBS NEWS (January 2018)
What is "chain migration"?
"Chain migration" -- officially known as "family reunification" under federal law -- is the process by which green card holders or legal U.S. residents may sponsor a family member for immigration to the United States. 
It is the most common legal form of immigration to the United States. According to the Department of Homeland Security, 238,087 immigrants were categorized as a "family-sponsored preference" in 2016, and 566,706 came as "immediate relatives of U.S. citizens" (spouses, children, or parents). 
Between 60 and 70 percent of all lawful permanent immigration to the United States in the past decade has family-based roots.

White House definition via Twitter 2017 

In 2016 and consistently sense.....

December 2017 White House Twitter page


I offer what you just reviewed is a penultimate example of Trumpism and an anthem for US Conservatism


Thursday, August 9, 2018

Trump Smorgasbord: Russian Asbestos, Fox News Racism, Suppress The Media

Image may contain: text

Yes, the meme is based on fact.  Check Snopes dot com.

Now for a less popular topic which reaches across the full spectrum of US society. The far-reaching issue of race in the United States cannot be avoided and it can not escape its growing home on the social and political Right.

As you view what follows, notice the insertion of new phraseology from the caverns of Trumpism: "Legal immigration." A phrase introduced by Donald Trump over the past couple of weeks.

Alas, what does it take for lowlife white supremacist like David Duke to come to the same level of Ingraham?

Now watch as an MSNBC host, Nicole Wallace, addressed Fox New's growing support for the racist fissures of Trumpism. Of particular note is her unabashed unwillingness to accept fellow conservatives, Charley Sikes', characterization of Ingraham's remarks as "nativism." Nativism? How often we forget white people are not US natives and any attempt to gaslight or whitewash, or, less inflammatory use of the word racism is ridiculous.

A Media Matters take on Ingraham's Fox News segment.

If you are thinking the matter is isolated and unworthy of your time. CNN offers a stark example of what Hillary Clinton characterized as a "deplorable".

CNN ran the segment on the Erin Burnett Out Front show. (linked here) on the Right and may on the Left work at avoiding the reality of growing Nazis in the US, take a look at what follows.

Image may contain: 1 person, meme and text I posted that meme, but I know and you know Trump is carnival barking about what he called "Fake News." 

While real media is reporting matters critical to our lives of Trumpism, wouldn't you know Trump's mission (along with his closest advisers) don't relish the scrutiny? In fact, Trump's daily rant against the media is leading to increasing numbers of US conservatives who accept the prospect Trump could shut down all media which views him unfavorably. Imagine Fox News, Alex Jones and various A radio host as your only source of information. Actually, information isn't the correct word; it is more aptly called propaganda

Watch and listen...AXIOS

Another day in the Life.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Racial Animus, Bias And A Lack Of Leadership

Let's take a quick review of a president who is obviously biased against African-Americans and a president who knows how to use the inner core of his followers for political advantage. 

Image may contain: 8 people, text

CNN's Jeffrey Tobin caught offset and asked a direct question about his perception of Trump's views on race.

The reason we opened this piece as we chose to open will become clear in a moment follow.

Yesterday MSNBC producers and show programmers suffered either a case of very poor judgment (while ignoring the prospect of "I told you so" reactions) or staged an ugly interaction which was as forecastable as the 24/7 clock. Ari Melber's The Beat was the forum for an interaction with a common example of Fox News like conservative guest dogma or CNN-like Jerry Springer staged verbal violence.

What follows is a segment in which the show host Melber via his producers lead with examples of how Trumps existential reality echoes that of the white supremacist Pat Buchanan.  Apparently, the Trump camp conservative and noted Fox News talking head Candace Owens wasn't pleased. Owens was clearly equipped for a mission which resembled a common debate (Gish Gallop) weapon/technique in an effort to burn a majority of speaking time in a segment which ran with tight time restraints.  I have long suggested or posited conservatives use the tactic whenever possible while speaking on non-Fox News TV.  

What follows is ugly but not uncommon when certain conservatives paid pundits are booked on MSNBC and CNN. 

The Beat/Ari Melber: linked.

Clearly, Owens was about deflection, distraction, and combat after watching comparisons of Pat Buchanan and Donald Trump.  Owens delivered an obvious performance goal without regard for the ugliness and unprofessionalism imparted by the Galloper. But then, do conservative talking heads really care about pride and professionalism. 

Herewith is another example of outright and unabashed lying and ridiculousness from another of Trump's black rationalizersL Darrell Scott. Notice the over the top praise of a person who actually fits the Pat Buchanan comparison like no other US President. Linked here.

If Trump isn't as a minimum sympathetic to the depiction which follows, he certainly does a great, wonderful and bigly (Trump-like hyperbolic adjective praise), job of disguising his inner core. A core which would lead any US president to speak out against growing cases of overt racism and white nationalist protests. 

Image may contain: 9 people, people standing and outdoor


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Rallies, Records And FOXPEN (Video)

The meme which follows while accurate will clash with other aspects of this post. The meme simply addresses Trump's record-setting short time in the Oval Office.


A couple of days ago we published a piece regarding Trump's carnival barking and entertainment rallies. The piece included a few pictures we ask you to consider viewing (quickly) before viewing the graphic below. 
As Trump 's World Turns:  Rallies, The Strange And The Hidden Ones
Since we didn't suggest viewing the piece videos, take a sample of how Trump has rallied his supporters to the point of pure hatred of US media (especially CNN).

Trump supporters filmed hurling sustained abuse at journalists ...

How did the nation get to a point of total fondness for Russia, overt exhibitions of whacked-out people, hatred of credible media and a president who cannot speak the truth as a matter of pathology? 

Answer: year after year of GOP Southern Strategy via Richard Nixon (Kevin Philips) and Ronald Reagan (Lee At Water and Karl Rove). A political strategy to wind southern votes as a voter bloc. Actually, a successful political strategy which has race at its core and nucleus.  As time passed the southern bloc has grown exponentially as deep-rooted forms of basis from whites who now seem convinced they retreated as a social minority. In a few words, the strategy is basically a ticket for: It is OK to embrace and show one's prejudices. The best way to do such? Vote religiously for social candidates from a party which now openly courts white bias, accepts white nationalism (white supremacy and associated hate groups), and embraces policy which many GOP leaders have successfully laid as a blanket over African-Americans and Latinos (e.g., "welfare queen" and recent indifference to natural disasters in Puerto Rico).  

All said we should not underestimate the power of Trump's number one rated cable network Fox News (FOXPEN Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network).  Take a look at how Fox covers Trump's insane rallies vs. CNN and MSNBC 

Image result for trump toilet head Propaganda really isn't a beautiful thing.

The Raw Story published a piece this afternoon which exemplifies the full measure of how right-wing propaganda works on the minds of some Americans.

 Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Image may contain: 2 people, text

PS: There is something very wrong when US politicians are running over to Russia and cuddling with politicians who serve a leader who is alleged to have killed journalists and has annexed a nation. 

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, text


Friday, August 3, 2018

Trump Jr. Deploys Deflection Strategy; Dad Keeps Lying

Image result for dinesh d'souza
Donad Trump Jr. after viewing the latest movie from Rightwing loon and admitted.convicted felon Dinesh D'Souza. We should also add recently pardoned felon via Donald Trunp Jr.'s father.
"I've been out hearing the left talking about all these things, fascism, Nazism on the right," Trump Jr. said. "And when you look at the actual history of how these things evolved, and when you actually look at that platform versus the platform of the modern left, you say wait a minute, those two are really heavily aligned and, frankly, contrary to the right."

How could any rational American witness the Junior spectacle-like comments without seeking a look at the 2016 Democratic Party Platform?

Dinesh D'Souza is to a person of high character. Aside for his pardon after admitting guilt to issues related to Republican campaigning and campaigns, he has a history of social "movies" regarding former President Obama. D'Souza is a variant of trump when it comes to appealing to people who are so far lost on the far social Right they sit on the precipice of an abyss which bottoms-out in horror. He and Trump have no peers. 

It only took about 10 minutes to locate a pdf copy of the 2016 Democratic Platform and it too another five minutes to find the well-publicized Platform of the 1920 National Socialist German Workers' PartyThe following embeds are a git long. We took the step to shortened the Democrat Party Platform via  bulleted platform headlines. Below you will find details for each bullet link along with the Platform year.

Trump Jr. spoke of the Democrat Platform appearing much like that of Adolf Hitler based his absorption of D'Souza's garbage and his inclination to carnival bark.  

As a prologue to that follows, keep the following in mind. 
Image result for joseph goebbels quotes Image result for joseph goebbels quotes Image result for joseph goebbels quotes

The Platforms


Democratic Party Platform? (2016 Platform details via the link)

Create Good-Paying Jobs

Fight for Economic Fairness and Against Inequality

Bring Americans Together and Remove Barriers to Opportunities

Protect Voting Rights, Fix Our Campaign Finance System, and Restore Our Democracy

Combat Climate Change, Build a Clean Energy Economy, and Secure Environmental Justice

Provide Quality and Affordable Education

Ensure the Health and Safety of All Americans

Principled Leadership

Support Our Troops and Keep Faith with Our Veteran

Confront Global Threats.

Protect Our Values

A Leader in the World

In 2016, Democrats meet in Philadelphia with the same basic belief that animated the Continental Congress when they gathered here 240 years ago: Out of many, we are one.

Under President Obama’s leadership, and thanks to the hard work and determination of the American people, we have come a long way from the Great Recession and the Republican policies that triggered it. American businesses have now added 14.8 million jobs since privatesector job growth turned positive in early 2010. Twenty million people have gained health insurance coverage. The American auto industry just had its best year ever. And we are getting more of our energy from the sun and wind, and importing less oil from overseas.

But too many Americans have been left out and left behind. They are working longer hours with less security. Wages have barely budged and the racial wealth gap remains wide, while the cost of everything from childcare to a college education has continued to rise. And for too many families, the dream of homeownership is out of reach. As working people struggle, the top one percent accrues more wealth and more power. Republicans in Congress have chosen gridlock and dysfunction over trying to find solutions to the real challenges we face. It’s no wonder that so many feel like the system is rigged against them.

Democrats believe that cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division, empowerment is better than resentment, and bridges are better than walls. 

It’s a simple but powerful idea: we are stronger together. Democrats believe we are stronger when we have an economy that works for everyone—an economy that grows incomes for working people, creates good-paying jobs, and puts a middleclass life within reach for more Americans. Democrats believe we can spur more sustainable economic growth, which will create good-paying jobs and raise wages. And we can have more economic fairness, so the rewards are shared broadly, not just with those at the top. We need an economy that prioritizes long-term investment over short-term profit-seeking, rewards the common interest over self-interest, and promotes innovation and entrepreneurship. 

We believe that today’s extreme level of income and wealth inequality—where the majority of the economic gains go to the top one percent and the richest 20 people in our country own more wealth than the bottom 150 million—makes our economy weaker, our communities poorer, and our politics poisonous. 

And we know that our nation’s long struggle with race is far from over. More than half a century after Rosa Parks sat and Dr. King marched and John Lewis bled, more than half a century after César Chávez, Dolores Huerta, and Larry Itliong organized, race still plays a significant role in determining who gets ahead in America and who gets left behind. We must face that reality and we must fix it. 

We believe a good education is a basic right of all Americans, no matter what zip code they live in. We will end the school-to-prison pipeline and build a cradle-to-college pipeline instead, where every child can live up to his or her God-given potential. 

We believe in helping Americans balance work and family without fear of punishment or penalty. We believe in at last guaranteeing equal pay for women. And as the party that created Social Security, we believe in protecting every American’s right to retire with dignity. 

We firmly believe that the greed, recklessness, and illegal behavior on Wall Street must be brought to an end. Wall Street must never again be allowed to threaten families and businesses on Main Street. 

Democrats believe we are stronger when we protect citizens’ right to vote, while stopping corporations’ outsized influence in elections. We will fight to end the broken campaign finance system, overturn the disastrous Citizens United decision, restore the full power of the Voting Rights Act, and return control of our elections to the American people. 

Democrats believe that climate change poses a real and urgent threat to our economy, our national security, and our children’s health and futures, and that Americans deserve the jobs and security that come from becoming the clean energy superpower of the 21st century. 

Democrats believe we are stronger and safer when America brings the world together and leads with principle and purpose. We believe we should strengthen our alliances, not weaken them. We believe in the power of development and diplomacy. We believe our military should be the best-trained, best-equipped fighting force in the world, and that we must do everything we can to honor and support our veterans. And we know that only the United States can mobilize common action on a truly global scale, to take on the challenges that transcend borders, from international terrorism to climate change to health pandemics. 

Above all, Democrats are the party of inclusion. We know that diversity is not our problem—it is our promise. As Democrats, we respect differences of perspective and belief, and pledge to work together to move this country forward, even when we disagree. With this platform, we do not merely seek common ground—we strive to reach higher ground. 

We are proud of our heritage as a nation of immigrants. We know that today’s immigrants are tomorrow’s teachers, doctors, lawyers, government leaders, soldiers, entrepreneurs, activists, PTA members, and pillars of our communities. We believe in protecting civil liberties and guaranteeing civil rights and voting rights, women’s rights and workers’ rights, LGBT rights, and rights for people with disabilities. We believe America is still, as Robert Kennedy said, “a great country, an unselfish country, and a compassionate country.” 

These principles stand in sharp contrast to the Republicans, who have nominated as the standard bearer for their party and their candidate for President a man who seeks to appeal to Americans’ basest differences, rather than our better natures. 

The stakes have been high in previous elections. But in 2016, the stakes can be measured in human lives—in the number of immigrants who would be torn from their homes; in the number of faithful and peaceful Muslims who would be barred from even visiting our shores; in the number of allies alienated and dictators courted; in the number of Americans who would lose access to health care and see their rights ripped away. 

This election is about more than Democrats and Republicans. It is about who we are as a nation, and who we will be in the future. 

Two hundred and forty years ago, in Philadelphia, we started a revolution of ideas and of action that continues to this day. Since then, our union has been tested many times, through bondage and civil war, segregation and depression, two world wars and the threat of nuclear annihilation. Generations of Americans fought and marched and organized to widen the circle of opportunity and dignity—and we are fighting still. Despite what some say, America is and has always been great—but not because it has been perfect. What makes America great is our unerring belief that we can make it better. We can and we will build a more just economy, a more equal society, and a more perfect union—because we are stronger together

2016 Democrat Party 
1920 NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers' Party) WIKI (25-point National_Socialist_Program)
Create Good-Paying Jobs
We demand the unification of all Germans in the Greater Germany on the basis of the people's right to self-determination.
Fight for Economic Fairness and Against Inequality
We demand equality of rights for the German people in respect to the other nations; abrogation of the peace treaties of Versaillesand St. Germain.
Bring Americans Together and Remove Barriers to Opportunities
We demand land and territory (colonies) for the sustenance of our people and colonization for our surplus population.
Protect Voting Rights, Fix Our Campaign Finance System, and Restore Our Democracy
Only a member of the race can be a citizen. A member of the race can only be one who is of German blood, without consideration of creed. Consequently, no Jew can be a member of the race.
Combat Climate Change, Build a Clean Energy Economy, and Secure Environmental Justice
Whoever has no citizenship is to be able to live in Germany only as a guest and must be under the authority of legislation for foreigners.
Provide Quality and Affordable Education
The right to determine matters concerning administration and law belongs only to the citizen. Therefore, we demand that every public office, of any sort whatsoever, whether in the Reich, the county or municipality, be filled only by citizens. We combat the corrupting parliamentary economy, office-holding only according to party inclinations without consideration of character or abilities.
We demand that the state be charged first with providing the opportunity for a livelihood and way of life for the citizens. If it is impossible to sustain the total population of the State, then the members of foreign nations (non-citizens) are to be expelled from the Reich.
Principled Leadership
Any further immigration of non-citizens is to be prevented. We demand that all non-Germans, who have immigrated to Germany since 2 August 1914, be forced immediately to leave the Reich.
Support Our Troops and Keep Faith with Our Veterans
All citizens must have equal rights and obligations.
Confront Global Threats
The first obligation of every citizen must be to productively work mentally or physically. The activity of individuals is not to counteract the interests of the universality, but must have its result within the framework of the whole for the benefit of all. Consequently, we demand:Abolition of unearned (work and labour) incomes. Breaking of debt (interest)-slavery.
Protect Our Values
In consideration of the monstrous sacrifice in property and blood that each war demands of the people, personal enrichment through a war must be designated as a crime against the people. Therefore, we demand the total confiscation of all war profits.
A Leader in the World
We demand the nationalisation of all (previous) associated industries (trusts).

We demand a division of profits of all heavy industries.

We demand an expansion on a large scale of old age welfare.

We demand the creation of a healthy middle class and its conservation, immediate communalization of the great warehouses and their being leased at low cost to small firms, the utmost consideration of all small firms in contracts with the State, county or municipality.

We demand a land reform suitable to our needs, provision of a law for the free expropriation of land for the purposes of public utility, abolition of taxes on land and prevention of all speculation in land.

We demand struggle without consideration against those whose activity is injurious to the general interest. Common national criminals, usurers, profiteers and so forth are to be punished with death, without consideration of confession or race.

We demand substitution of a German common law in place of the Roman Law serving a materialistic world-order.

The state is to be responsible for a fundamental reconstruction of our whole national education program, to enable every capable and industrious German to obtain higher education and subsequently introduction into leading positions. The plans of instruction of all educational institutions are to conform with the experiences of practical life. The comprehension of the concept of the state must be striven for by the school [Staatsbürgerkunde] as early as the beginning of understanding. We demand the education at the expense of the state of outstanding intellectually gifted children of poor parents without consideration of position or profession.

The state is to care for the elevating national health by protecting the mother and child, by outlawing child-labor, by the encouragement of physical fitness, by means of the legal establishment of a gymnastic and sport obligation, by the utmost support of all organizations concerned with the physical instruction of the young.

We demand legal opposition to known lies and their promulgation through the press. In order to enable the provision of a German press, we demand, that:

a. All writers and employees of the newspapers appearing in the German language be members of the race;

b. Non-German newspapers be required to have the express permission of the state to be published. They may not be printed in the German language;

c. Non-Germans are forbidden by law any financial interest in German publications or any influence on them and as punishment for violations the closing of such a publication as well as the immediate expulsion from the Reich of the non-German concerned. Publications which are counter to the general good are to be forbidden. We demand legal prosecution of artistic and literary forms which exert a destructive influence on our national life and the closure of organizations opposing the above made demands.

We demand freedom of religion for all religious denominations within the state so long as they do not endanger its existence or oppose the moral senses of the Germanic race. The Party as such advocates the standpoint of a positive Christianity without binding itself confessionally to any one denomination. It combats the Jewish-materialistic spirit within and around us and is convinced that a lasting recovery of our nation can only succeed from within on the framework: "The good of the community before the good of the individual".[10] ("GEMEINNUTZ GEHT VOR EIGENNUTZ" [all caps in original])[11]

For the execution of all of this we demand the formation of a strong central power in the Reich. Unlimited authority of the central parliament over the whole Reich and its organizations in general. The forming of state and profession chambers for the execution of the laws made by the Reich within the various states of the confederation. The leaders of the Party promise, if necessary by sacrificing their own lives, to support by the execution of the points set forth above without consideration.

The HIVs among us have no problem warding ourselves off from Trump's information ministers and operatives.

Information and the truth matter. Especially as we consider any person who sits in the Oval Office. The Truth is a key trait for leaders of Democratic nations or nations who head the so-called "free world."  Donald Trump isn't a person who values the truth. In fact, one historian has suggested Trump learned his penchant for and skill for lying from his father. If you want more on that prospect you should seek the answer on MSNCc archive video.  

For now lets take a few looks and reviews of Trump's latest Rally/ooozfest via Host and producers at MSNBC.  while the network in man ways is as far left leaning as Fox New sis right-leaning, we have to state the network isn't guilty of doctored video, outright lies, inclination to support GOP, and American, bigotry. 

Actual US Nazis do not agree with Trump Jr.  New York Magazine.

From Junior to the reality of his father's pathological lying.

Ali Velshi & Stephanie Ruhle (Veshi & Ruhle)

A visual depiction via meme of the essence of Trumpism.

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Another MSNBC Host and moderate conservative Nicole Wallace seems to indicate she will not allow the White House Communications Department and Press Secretary to fill her airtime with lies and ridiculous defense of an indefensible President.

As indicated via the 1920s and 1930s memes of Hitler's Information and Propaganda Ministers, we are tattering on the verge of a real crisis for the efforts of eel-like D'souza, and Trump as each works to fill the brains of LIVs (Low Information Voters) and vested interest conservative with garbage regarding Democrat Party ideology and the false class of a lying media.