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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Impeachment Inquiry Hearing: Quid Pro Quo, Bribery, Extortion?

Quid Pro a minimum

As the world watches the undoing of a corrupt US President and his cabal, we infrequently post regarding the current US House of Representatives Impeachment Inquiry. What follows are a few noteworthy reports (some humorous, some serious, all poignant).

To start, we offer a brief 'key highlights" video.

Let's follow with a CNN fact-checking regarding the proceedings, witness and Trump's claims of innocence. The fact-check was posted on Yahoo News.

Trump claims to not really know EU Ambassador Gordan Sondland. Well...

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A key moment that will surely join the annuals of US Congressional history.  Sondland states he is less than appreciative as he has been forthcoming with Congressman Mahoney. The segment is three-plus minutes but very important to view.

Rep. Jackie Speier and her five minutes with Sondland.  Of particular note is an interchange between Speier and a Republican congressional facilitator (at the 1:47 minute mark).  Sadly the GOP res seems to lunge out with what they feel are quips without fully assessing the world in which they live. A world overwhelmingly laid to bare via Donald J, Trump. If I am not mistaken even the interrupting Republican offered an unintentional "touche" smile after the Speier retort.

The ultimate hearing "foot in mouth" and lack of foresight is attributed by Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan.

Maybe congressional should defer hearing questioning to congressional attorneys. Especially in the case of the GOP.

If you wish to view a more straightforward highlight video regarding Sondlands testimony, Now This offers a segment you may find informative.

Huffington Post also has published a piece of critical testimony from one of today's fact witnesses.


Monday, November 18, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: A Mid-November Smorgasbord

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Trump's word has turned into a veritable circus with far-reaching ramifications. Our current state of Trump is so ridiculously busy and widespread, we no longer have time to visit the blog for timely updates.

It is time for a Trump world smorgasbord.

You know the guy pictured below.  I will wager you do not recall him from the early to mid-1970s (back and white picture). 

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Paul Manafort, (you know that guy on the right), Roger Stone, and the second level architect of the GOP Southern Strategy (a catalyst to our current state of race relations and a foundation for GOP white nationalism). A literal cesspool of Republicanism from the days which preceded the current slide of the party. 

Manafort: currently serving a seven-year prison sentence for various international felonies.

Stone: Recently convicted on seven felony counts including lying to Congress, witness Tampering and other criminal acts. 

Atwater: Deceased (cancer)

Image result for photo of manafort with reagan A shameful crew of dirty tricksters and GOP operatives.

Is the fate of Manafort and Stone truly a surprise?

Let's take a quick visit to the star GOP congressional put bull as he placed himself into oratory hell. Jim Jordan attempted to end a recent impeachment inquiry with a lament against the whistle blower who patriotically reported about a Trump phone call to the President of Ukraine. Watch and listen as the GOP pit bull handed a chain to an open hearing. A chain which was yanked unmercifully.


What follows is yet another story of Donald Trump's carnival (PT Barnum like) reality. If you follow his story you will find State Dept officials who have more resume and background fabrications than this: Market Watch.

The Time Magazine cover is 100% fake.

 Now here this!

Yes, she continues her role in the US State Department.  

UPDATE: Mere moments after posting this piece, a review of my social media pages yielded what follows. Apparently, news reports regarding the fake (background) official have flush yet another swamp critter. Linked, here.

Related image

We are at the point for a visit with the daily compilations of lies for the nation's 45th president. Trump's lie total has exceeded 13,400 since taking office in January of 2017.  It should be noted he has added to the to all this young week regarding his recent emergency hospital visit and the lie he tells about providing testimony to the House impeachment hearings. 

While there is much much more, time only facilitates a closing image of a weak and smitten US president. The image below my entertain and make happy the frequent site visitors from Russia (we suspect troll farms) but it should be noted, the happiness will not last much beyond Trump.

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