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Thursday, November 15, 2018

How To Interview Trump Pundit

"No, it’s false. It’s a misstatement.” “That doesn’t mean it’s a lie, OK?”

Well, actually, no it is not ,"OK." IT IS A LIE!

On November 2, 2018 The Washington Post reported Trump has lied 6420 times in his less than two years in the White House.  On the same day, CNN addressed Trump's lies as follows. CNN linked.

Trump's ever-present pathological lie is a fact. A reality as surely as the man is averse to appearing in rainy or wet weather. Isn't it sad a US President has to avoid Earth's climates to maintain a false representation of the actual person. Even more a tragedy is the over-the-top use of the lie to also makes the real person. a reality which exist as a for of double-entendre. It is good to finally see CNN and most MSNBC hosts address Trump's pervasive use of the lie.

Quick Hit: A lesson in who to deal with Trump TV pundits. It is unfortunate the lesson comes from foreign (Middle Eastern to be specific) media. US media has finally come-around to labeling Trump's daily lies as lies, but neither CNN or MSNBC has offered TV journalism as such.
When US media moves to direct journalist as such more Americans will see the underbelly of a president who lies well before any thoughts of the truth.


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

US Regressivism And No Leadership From The Top

Drake UniversityAs we watch the US growing acceptance of overt racism and Anti-Semitism, we will do our part in publicizing that which warrants special reporting. That said, we note the many cases of reported abuse base din race, culture and religion are not reported on The Progressive Influence. 

The image to the right-hand above is yet another example of young racist making life uncomfortable for a fellow black student at Drake University in Iowa. The details are embedded below.

Iowa Students Fearful After Racist Note Left Under Dorm Room Door: ‘Porch Monkey…Leave or Else’

And then there is this. Les leave Iowa and travel to Mississippi.

As we move away from the midterm election and various state elections. take look at two candidates for office in Mississippi. It is important to note Mississippi has its election on November 27th.

Cindy Hyde-Smith, a white Republican VS African-American candidate and former federal official, Mike Espy, Democrat. One of the two candidates recently publicly joked about being on the front row of a public lynching. Would you care to guess which candidate went there?

Look close before you make pr pick.  OK, if you picked Epsy as the joking candidate, you should avoid appearing on a TV game show which includes picking: door number two, or dooooooooor number three.  

Actually, we seriously hope the door game wasn't a challenge.  Of course, the GOP state senator went there. She joined a Mississippi state cattle rancher she ha only met that day.  

Huffington Post
Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith, a white Republican, joked about going to a “public hanging” during a campaign event this weekend, a comment her Democratic challenger, who is black, called “reprehensible” and divisive ahead of a runoff election later this month.
“If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row,” Hyde-Smith said on Sunday morning in Tupelo, Miss. during an event with a cattle rancher. It’s unclear what context the comments were made under, although she appeared to be praising the rancher, Colin Hutchinson.
From Mississippi to the Great State of Wisconsin. 

Wisconsin High School Students prom photo was taken in early 2018.

Seems one of the students offered the nascent white power sign.

If you are wondering about the veracity of the photoshoot, Snopes has a fact-check. For the full story via Snopes hit this link.

It seems one didn't join the Nazi Salute.

Alas, history has repeated itself yet again.  August Landmeseer in Nazi Germany also stood outside of the herd. 

Image result for one did not give the nazi salute

Where does it all lead? Where does it lead when national leaders not only refuse to speak out against such acts, it ends at a bad pace when leadership seems to embrace growing US racism.

And the FBI says........linked, here