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Monday, October 14, 2019

Trump's Swamp

The following video played at a recent event at Trump's Miami property. While Trump and his cabal are disavowing and condemning the ad, it should be noted trash as follows seems to well-up around Trump like oversized fat guy suits.

Once again...

How about this version?


Fake video is a matter of political dirty tricks..and sees awful Russian in origin. A view of the four-story building known as the  troll farm  in St. Petersburg, Russia on Feb. 17, 2018. (For the Russian trolls who visit this site on a daily basis, but there is another piece of campaign work which is garnering attention). It isn't a true prospect that GOP dirty tricksters nor Trump's oozing supporters would use the church as a backdrop for the video. No, the video has Putin's trolling operatives written all over it.

MSNBC (NBC) and CNN are turning down Trump's recent TV ad campaign. It is interesting the ad has come under recent scrutiny by the two networks, as the ad ran on both networks for a few days over the past two weeks. Take a look at a campaign that can only compare to a Joseph Goebbels Hitlerian ad of the 1920s and 30s. If you want to see utter nonsense regarding a man who has laid the US to worldwide contempt and increasing shame, watch the ad.

Of you have any degree of intellect and follow currents events, you know the Trump ad is thirty seconds of pure malarkey.  The word "swamp" is mentioned.  SWAMP?

Image result for trump indictments meme  Image result for trump indictments meme
The numbers in the image below are date compared to the two images above, but the point remains.  A swamp is a swamp.
                            No photo description available.


As Trump's World Turns: Presidential Language?

“profanity president”

CNN Inside Edition

Swearing Thursday night during a rally in Michigan

Alas, with children present!  Actually, any decent American with even a modicum of self-respect would avoid taking a child to a Trump rally.  Is it possible I have imbued the essence of the Trump supporter via the last sentence?

A few moments ago we mentioned Trump's speech-language ad the shame of people who take children to rallies with increasing vulgar oratory form the nation's top elected official. While Trump's vulgar aura well precedes public speeches, a 2011 speech in Las Vegas foretold that which we see and hear at Trump's 2019 rallies. As he addressed a seething crowd of supporters during a period of obvious plans to run for President, Trump offered profanity 'feed'. CNN linked here

Trump is a carnival barker whose successes in life have been, in part, based on offering people what they want to hear. What is that longstanding business axiom: "Give people what they want?"  how better to satisfy the cravings of an audience which seems as absorbent to vulgar language as a new sponge sitting in Death Valley, Nevada on the one day it sprinkles rain for two minutes.

In 2016, just prior to the November General Election, Trump debated foul language as entertainment for audiences while criticizing Mexico's former president for using the F-Word.

If you are of a mind to criticize our use of video from Trump's past, we can bring the disgust much closer to today via  January 2019 speech, again in Las Vegas.


All said Trump's barker demeanor is one thing. of particular significance is the level of hoots, yells yeps, and exhibitions of love form his equally disgusting crowd.  

Profanity from White House Oval Office denizens isn't new to our history.  The following video captures moments of presidential profane language. We suggest the full scope and intent of such use of profane language factor in your consideration of its decency and acceptability. 

A history of White House profanity — and one cursing ...

You give them want they want!