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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The US Deficit Via McConnell Vs The Balance Dot Com

US Deficit spending is rising. The economic reality is a serious matter but fails to receive daily reminders via Cable and network news. Trump's carnival (strategically developed and nourished to coincide with major news events) consumes all major segments of television news, while dragging ratings hungry news managers and producers into a cesspool of facilitating the distraction. 

The producers and managers are becoming a modern day example of the carnival barker or the circus ringmasters: 

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"Get you full dose of trumpism! 
The dose of Trump which will make you feel involved and informed while emblazoning pure ignorance in your brain to a point of acquiescence or simply ignoring him. Yes! Don't miss out, we have never in US History witnessed a president who so resembles your clown in chief." 
Come into the tent and watch as a president bullies a dead Viet Nam War POW and long term US Senator. Watch as he snuggles with international dictators while growing up and scowling at long standing allies. Watch him remind of the "best" US economy ever: while the Deficit is growing out of control. View him as the epitome of a metastasized president with a prototype born of Ronald Reagan. Your GOP Leader and the Worst President, I mean the least popular, I mean a president who is supported by 90 % of the nation's conservatives.

A real spectacle.
Alas, cable news...considering coverage of events which are truly newsworthy such as the floods in the Midwest, military style weapons murders, an eroding climate and higher than necessary Pharmaceutical prices. How about in depth coverage of why we pay exponentially more for medical care in the US then other industrialized nations?

Cable news managers do we really need 24/7 coverage of Donald Trump? Some of us recall going almost a full week with broadcast images of past presidents. The nation's top office was;t a cash-cow reality tv show. 

Oh we digress. How about an in-depth analysis of how the GOP devolved from a false purveyor of fiscal conservatism to the point of big sending fatcats? Fatcats who, once elected, totally ignore the wishes of their constituents.  Fiscal conservatism regarding the GO is like look back on a 1938 Ford motor vehicle and wonder if the parts are original. 

Watch and listen to Bloomberg's piece of Mitch McConnell attributing the Increasing US deficit to Medicare, Medicaid and Socials Security.  He does so without any honest regard for Trump policies. Bloomberg.

Now, counter that McConnell garbage with facts from The Balance: Current US Budget Deficit.
Three Reasons for the Current Budget Deficit
Many people blame the deficits on entitlement programs. But that's not supported by the budget. These enormous deficits are the result of three factors.
First, the attacks on 9/11 led to the War on Terror.  
Second is the impact of tax cuts.  
Lastly is unfunded elements of mandatory spending. (Must read)
Granted Mandatory Spending has a great impact on the Deficit, but McConnell and his party placing the Deficit rise sole on "entitlement " spending, is typical GOP and living the lie.

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"Come into the tent an hear the US Senate majority leader explain the US Deficit while paving towards cuts in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security! A once in a lifetime visit. Don't miss it!"

As Trump's World Turns: Bill Maher, Trump's Veracity Void And White Nationalism

We only rarely post Bill Maher on this page.  A few Maher segments have drawn our interest and seem share worthy.

Now, lets move to a more serious set of comments: Trump's motherlode tweeter attack and his denial of growing white supremacy.

CNN broadcast a segment a few days ago regarding Trump's mother lode of weekend tweets. apparently, 45 spent the entire weekend watching Fox News (and other media) tweeting with every zany thought while fully loaded with lies and manipulative fantasy. Rollingstone dot com took a shot at Trump's 50 tweets; sad to put it mildly.  

Veracity isn't a word of conception which is ingrained in Trump's character.

Chris Cillizza took to the CNN set graphics board and ran through a few lies and misstatements (AKA "falsehoods"). At one point in the three minutes segment Cillizza offered wrong numbers regarding his former employer assessment of  Trump lies. He stated the number of lies for the president (according to the Washington Post) has reached 8,000 lies since taking office. He state such while admitting he just returned from vacation. It appears his vacation time lead to a misstatement in the area of missing one thousand lies.  Washington Post headline and lined piece. On the 773rd day of his term in office, Trump's "lying scale" has reach 9,014. After this past weekend it appears the number will increase by double digits.

Now for Cillizza...

The Associated Press (AP) fact check of Trump veto signing comments.  The AP link navigates to the full post we have focused on Trump's statements regarding white nationalism as a "small group of people.
TRUMP, when asked if he views white nationalism as a rising threat worldwide: “I don’t really. I think it’s a small group of people that have very, very serious problems. I guess if you look at what happened in New Zealand, perhaps that’s the case. I don’t know enough about it yet. They’re just learning about the person and the people involved. But it’s certainly a terrible thing.” — remarks Friday in Oval Office. 
THE FACTS: Both data and many experts who track violent extremists point to white nationalism as a rising threat in the U.S. and abroad. 
According to data released this month by the New York-based Anti-Defamation League, for instance, white supremacist propaganda efforts nearly tripled last year from 2017. Reports of the propaganda — which can include fliers, stickers, banners and posters that promote hateful ideology — rose 182 percent to 1,187 cases. That’s up from the 421 reported in 2017. 
The number of racist rallies and demonstrations also rose last year, according to the group. At least 91 white supremacist rallies or other public events attended by white supremacists were held in 2018, up from 76 the previous year. 
The Anti-Defamation League in January said domestic extremists killed at least 50 people in the U.S. in 2018, up from 37 in 2017, and noted that “white supremacists were responsible for the great majority of the killings, which is typically the case.” 
Separately, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported the U.S. had more hate groups last year than at any point in at least the past two decades. The organization, which tracks white supremacists and other far-right extremists, said the 1,020 groups it counted in 2018 amounted to the highest number since the center broadened its survey of such groups in the 1990s.
The center said it was the fourth straight year of hate group growth, representing a 30 percent increase roughly coinciding with Trump’s campaign and presidency. That came following three straight years of decline near the end of the Obama administration. 
And the Justice Department reported in November that hate crimes across the U.S. spiked 17 percent in 2017 — marking a rise for the third straight year. There were 7,175 reported hate crimes that year, up from 6,121 in 2016, according to the FBI report. More than half of the crimes were motivated by bias against a person’s race or ethnicity. Anti-Semitic hate crimes increased 37 percent. 
Among the episodes in the last few years: a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017 after which Trump blamed “both sides” for violence, and last October’s shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh in which the gunman accused of killing 11 people allegedly drew inspiration from white nationalism. Authorities last month arrested a Coast Guard lieutenant, an alleged white supremacist who appeared interested in attacking top Democrats and network TV journalists.
End the AP (read more linked above)
“It’s not only a national concern, white supremacy is a global terror threat. There is a link between the white supremacists here in the US, those in Europe and what we’ve now seen in New Zealand,” says Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO and National Director of the Anti-Defamation League.

— CNN Newsroom (@CNNnewsroom) March 18, 2019