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Monday, April 18, 2011

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Fact Check

The following article represents a time oriented fact check that was accomplished and published by the DCCC.  Yes of course, the fact check is written from the Democratic perspective but I think it worthy of posting for purpose of disclosure from the LEFT. I will see if I can locate similar from the RIGHT.  

Please note that I have cut the verbiage from the House legislation while listing the headline topics only.  Please hit the posted link and 'check-out' some of the verbiage on a per item basis, you might find the comments interesting.

Report Card: House Republicans First 100 Days on the ‘Road to Ruin’

In their first 100 days, House Republicans have stood up for Big Oil's taxpayer subsidies, protected tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, repealed health insurance reform for their constituents while keeping it for themselves, passed a budget that would cost 700,000 jobs, and even focused on an extreme right-wing social agenda that nearly shut down government. Republicans have done all that and haven’t done a single thing to focus on the top priority of the American people – creating jobs.

Tomorrow, House Republicans are set to vote on a budget that ends Medicare.

"From destroying hundreds of thousands of American jobs to protecting tax breaks for Big Oil companies making record profits and even nearly shutting down government to advance an extreme social agenda, the House Republican agenda got worse by the day," said Jesse Ferguson of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. "The American people can't afford another 100 days like the Republicans’ first one hundred."

Chronology of House Republicans’ 100 Days on the ‘Road to Ruin’

House Republicans Wanted to Put Health Insurance Industry In Charge of Americans’ Health Care. [H.R. 2, #14, 1/19/11]

House Republicans Kept Government Health Care For Themselves While Repealing Health Insurance Reform for Everyone Else. [H.R. 2, #13, 1/19/11]

House Republicans Protected Government Spending for Companies that Ship American Jobs Overseas. [EPI, “The Burden of Outsourcing,” October 2008; H.Res. 38, #19, 1/25/11]

House Republicans Opposed Disclosure of Special Interests and Foreign Corporations Influencing Elections. [H. R. 359, Vote #24, 1/26/11]

House Republicans Removed Protections on Food, Toys, and Drinking Water.   [H. Res. 72, #32, 2/11/11]

Allowed Job Retraining and Financial Aid for Displaced Workers To End. [AP, 2/13/11;, 2/9/11]

House Republicans Slashed Security and Delayed Benefits.  
[HR 1, Vote #147 , 2/19/11; Committee On Ways and Means Democrats release, 2/15/11; NCPSSM, 2/18/11]

House Republicans Kept Taxpayer Subsidies for Big Oil.  [HJ Res 44, Vote #153, 3/01/11]

House Republicans Protected Alaska’s “Bridge to Nowhere. [HR 662, Vote #159, 3/02/11]

House Republicans Slashed National Security. [HR 1, Vote #147 , 2/19/11; Wall Street Journal, 2/28/11; Washington Post, 3/4/11; Bloomberg, 3/6/11; The Hill, 3/6/11]

House Republicans Dangerously Cut Agency That Warns Of Tsunamis.  [HR 1, Vote #147 , 2/19/11; AP, 3/11/11]

House Republicans Nearly Shut Down Government In Pursuit Of Radical Social Agenda
[LA Times, 4/8/11; HR 1, Pence Amendment (#11), Vote #93, 2/18/11; ABC News, 4/8/11]
Please note. I have simply listed activity, your understanding of the impact of the First 100 Days of  will be enhanced if you hit the link towards the top of the article.  In the meantime, I will seek a perspective on the First 100 DAYS from the RIGHT.

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