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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Rhetorical Question

There are times when people argue the point that both progressives (liberals) and conservatives are no different in the way they postulate philosophies, argue points and generally behave.  My experience has taught me that while both progressives and conservatives live in camps with denizens who are extreme in their beliefs, values and behavior, I cannot agree the either camp 'acts' in the very same manner.  

Since I am not one to stereotype and generalize (very much), I will state that the following commentary should not be taken as an esoteric view of both camps with blinders towards the Left. An example of quackery from the Left: Ohio 10th District  Congressman Dennis Kucinich.  President Obama did commit an impeachable act via the coalition intervention in Libya.

The point of the article: a look at one of the many quacks who I am certain are not progressive in stretch of my, and yes your, imagination.  The Reverend (self proclaimed) Terry Jones of the Great State of Georgia.  Ignorance and bigotry personified.....

As you know by now, Jones did not burn the Islamic Quran last fall, pre-9/11.  Both military leaders in Afghanistan, administration officials, and million across the nation worked to 'back the bigot' off of his blasphemous and hideous act. Nonetheless, Jones appears to have missed his moments in the lime-light; He burned the Quran about 1.5 weeks ago. 

Another point worth noting.  The burning of the Islamic holy book is not rational justification for the violence and killing that followed (in Afghanistan).  The point is accompanied by another point of Afghanistan: Obama should have pulled the troops out of Afghanistan long ago.  Now, that was an editorial comment if there ever was one as the rioters in Afghanistan did not kill U.S. Troops.

So, Jones burns the Quran, violence ensues (as predicted) and now Jones moves on like the common bigot to his next act of bigotry.

What about the rhetorical question????

Does anyone think that the common, average, or any progressive would stoop to a level of behavior even lower than that introduced by Bush/Cheney?

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