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Monday, May 9, 2011

A Case for Competency in Governance (Revisited)

A commenter, LEFTINMINNESOTA,  from the progressive website joined a set of comments with this very apropos link (pasted below).   [LINKED]  LEFTAKE Diary Mitch172nd  Well theyre already at it The aforementioned dialog centered around the RIGHT's efforts to grab far too much of the recent successful mission against Al Qaeda.

I previously stated the  Bush Administration deserved no additional credit for the elimination of Osama Bin Laden.  The video supports my case. 

The  linked video is a PBS "Frontline" production.  I have never known Frontline to produce video that took and stated positions in the realm of the frivolous.

There was a time when I would never believe that an American President would stoop to subterfuge to pursue personal ambitions regarding war.  Well, frankly, Lyndon Johnson's false attack in the Gulf of Tonkin officially led to an escalation of US Troops in Viet Nam.  Johnson, I suggest, was led by noble thoughts that were good for our nation.  Bush and his team on another hand, were certainly not concerned about the good of the nation as they abandoned the quest for Bin Laden to pursue false WMD (Saddam Hussein).

I submit the following Frontline Production. Unfortunately it is a full length video, so watch only if you are committed to knowing why many feel that Bush and his team deserve nothing more then they have received: a tarnished legacy.

"Bush's War" from Frontline - 400 Interviews

Can be watched online here:

Despite all of my personal protestations, I fully recognize that the Bush Team immediately moved to counter the 9/11 attacks. A very commendable act to say the very least.  I certainly believe that the Bush Intel structure secured information that could have led to the capture or killing of Bin laden many years ago.  Yet, those efforts were a miserable failure.  There-in lies the deep roots of Bush indifference and Bush Team incompetence stated in my previous work: A Case for Competency in Governance (See Blog Archive).

If the Bush Administration was hell bent on attacking Iraq, why bother with the demise of Bin Laden?  The Bush Team was very very successful at trickery, lies, and deceit during their charge to get Saddam. They succeeded.... why not leave the credit for Bin Laden where it is due; with President Obama's Team?

I posit that the Bush Administration was incompetent from start to finish.  They are responsible for the nations financial collapse, they are responsible for losses of millions of jobs, 50,000 manufacturing companies ceased to exist under their rule and  they failed in their efforts to avenge 9/11. 

Yes, the Obama Administration, despite decisions that truly angered me,  is ..."A Case for Competency in Governance".

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