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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Cheney's and company: Modern Day Huns

Crooks and Liars (Christine Armanpor...a mistaken media personality)

I have previously written about the ineptitude of Armanpor. I can readily see why some executives at ABC News wanted no part of her hiring for the Sunday Morning job.

So much for the inane Armanpor, the real issue is the extent to which former Bush's officials are responding to requests for interviews now that bin Laden is a 'goner'.

The following trilogy of contempt spread across the national airways on Sunday morning. (Oh, there were more I chose this trilogy)

Making the case for torture and legacy building....

Liz Cheney with the aforementioned Armanpor

Dick Cheney with his 'safe network' Fox News

Rumsfeld (hawking a book) [8:00 minutes long ]

(Update Note: You tube request has been disabled..Guess CBS wants to hold this one for some reason. will update if video is released for embed).

There is nothing in the video that is  really noteworthy except Rumsfeld mention of  past CIA Directors. He actually has the gall to mention former CIA Director Tenet.  

Tenet was the CIA director during the run-up-to Iraq. 

Tenet was involved in the fallacious WMD!

Tenet sat directly behind Collin Powell during one of his speeches to the United Nations.


One Bush teamer, John Yoo,  has gone on the airways with comment related to capturing Bin Laden.  Yoo was the very attorney that gave a Justice department ruling that 'enhanced  interrogation techniques' [TORTURE] was legal. 

As previously stated Rice goes on a few cable TV shows and cannot help but honestly stated that they felt Bin Laden was still living in caves. LIVING IN CAVES?????

We are fortunate that one cable news network has booked guest who readily refute the benefits of torture. 

Revealign the lie and setting a straight record....

Maddow anti-terror expert..refutes claims of absolute credit.

O'Donnell: a Professional interrogator speaks!!!

O'Donnell and a researched piece to refute the effectiveness of torture.

 OK, so many of your have actually seen all of the above. Bless the think about the millions who have not seen the vid clips or who will never see the vid clips.

Dick Cheney left office one of the most despised and lowest rated VPs in US History.  I believe his personal approval rating was below 30 per cent.  Yet, he sits on Fox News and rails about "if it were his call..."  No one would give him ' a call'.  If Cheney was a true gutsy kind of a guy, he would own up to his role in 'Outting' Valerie Plame and relieve some of the embarrassing light off his little buddy Scooter Libby.  As a matter of discussion, why was Cheney so quiet as the Obama Administration contemplated (and eventually passed on) investigations into all matters related to our charge off to war?

I do not believe that we heard (post Iraq War) any of these voices, as discussion of Bush's abandonment of Afghanistan to purse that charge off to war. Each talking head was conspicuous in their quietness.

And what of the case against US sanctioned torture?   Cheney says that he would keep that program in his bag-of-tricks (my words).  MR. Cheney, you may not notice but to date, the Obama Team has had much less opportunity to consider torture as a means of extracting "useless' information. Instead, the current administration has made better use of 'obtained' information, they have kill far more Al Qaeda, and they have paid attention (with focus) to all signs of possible trouble.

I will close while wondering when the the likes of Armanpor, and others see the fruitlessness of interviewing people who performed at the lowest level of federal governance recent history?


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