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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

E.D. Hill ...Up Skirts..... NOT CNN, NOT MSNBC, NOT FOX , A Whimsical Look ...REDUX. " I report, you decide"


NOT FOX, NOT , NOT CNN, NOT HLN, NOT MSNBC and NOT EVEN AMERICAN but  glaring shots (excuse the pun) of the existence of 'News titillation'.

A few questions: 1 Do you really think this reporter had to go through a normal interview to secure a job? 2. Do you think any males viewers care what language she speaks? 3. Is there a story in the segment (even despite language); I did not see one? Why did I not see nor hear a story? 4. Where is this woman's mother?

 Do you think language acts a barrier to understanding this story?  Why would this media outlet even foot the expense of a set backdrop. I am certain one camera angle is all that is necessary, desired, or useful (your choice). I wonder if the very young in her country are prohibited from viewing the evening news. If so, I wonder how many young females grow up watching her and thinking, "....oh well, think I will become a nurse". Forget this woman's mother, were the hell are the Police?  No, No not the police...but, but who will arrest her? FIREMEN??? PRIESTS?  Hell, If I were not married, I would make a citizens arrest.

The Power and Influence of ratings!
Feeding the 'foot fetishes'
 in the audience?

 As I move away from the 'pure' exhibit, I want to revisit the Ratings Wars.

 Ratings data that might help illustrate a point, have been pasted or copied below.

 Since the early morning hours garner the most 'skirts' shots, I think it notable to view the first sets of data just below.  The source of the data was not saved.... shame on me) but if that is an issue, I will locate the data.  The fact that the data is a copy and paste without opportunity to modify the data, should help with credibility.
A few bits of slightly aged data before we proceed.

PEW RESEARCH DATA (Unformatted and  a little hard to discern)                                                      CNN         FOX     MSNBC
                                Men                 43%   46%44%
                                Women            57    54 56
                                Republican      17   44          14

                             Mod/Lib Rep       9  34    8
                              Independent      31  28  30
                                 Democrat       47  21   53
                        Cons/Mod Dem      28   16  34
                                  Lib Dem        16     3  18

Well. no real surprises in the data. Basically, FOX News and its predominately male audience has the higher levels of viewer-ship wins the ratings wars.  

Those who follow such data might tend to believe that FOX News is the most competent and credible of the three major cable networks. 

I notice that FOX hands-down wins the DAY TIME TV Wars 
(recent data was not available to me).  Bare with me just a moments.  The Fox News evening shows with an exception for Van Sustren, is a male bastion.  OK, so we know who watches those evening shows.  The day-time shows, however, have another dynamic.  I suppose their quality of news coverage is superior to both CNN and MSNBC.

FOX NEWS BUSINESS (I will wager the audience is predominately Male!) 2:47 Minutes
I understand the visual impact of camera shots but this segments is inordinately   laced  with wide shots; lot less facial shots....UUUMMMM wonder why?

HLN Hendricks (1:47 Minutes)
This one is a classic....There is no way the camera specialist and the reporter could not have anticipated the visual of this leg cross (No Sound).

Bloomberg Joins in.....

The Network King FOX..compilation

I see that Kiran comes over to CNN from FOX.  UUMMMMM, and I wondered why her penchant for the leg shots.  Oh, gotta check out ED Hill at the 1:18 Minute mark of the video. Is she taking direction or being warned that a bit much is showing?

So much for the Whimsical look (redux).  The current practice of news room exposure is moving to levels of completely 'over-the-top'.   American viewers are not yet exposed to the level of exposure as depicted at that top of the article; not yet.   If newsrooms producers continue to move towards 'stretching acceptable levels of skin', I cannot be convinced that the quality of the news does not suffer.

I am convinced that we will one day see or read about a discrimination lawsuit filed against a network based on issues related to whether of not 'skin exposures' is a Bonafide Occupational Qualification.

In  the meantime, I guess we just watch to see where we reach the 'flesh' outter limits or we enjoy....individual perspective.

NOTE: for sake of clarity, I also love good shots of 'skin'...just think that we are moving towards serious overdoses of skin in our television news (ON CERTAIN NETWORKS), and I believe it is very much a strategy and not callousness by the female reporters or anchors.

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