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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Michelle Bachmann...Flake????

President Obama visited India in 2010 as a guest of that countries leader.   During the visit Michelle Bachmann spoke publicly that the President was costing  the US 200 million per day while occupy hundreds of hotels rooms...and wastefully tying-up a naval fleet. When publicly 'outted' for speaking from a basis of complete lies, Bachmman fessed-up that she had read the information from an Indian news writer (or was it a blogger).  If you follow US politics, you should not be surprised that another of the GOP leadership misspoke and we can only hope it was based in false information Vs. outright lies.  

Well, she has done it again.   I posit that (this time) Bachmann is practicing outright lies as she attempts to improve her position as a candidate for the top of the GOP ticket.

 FACTCHECK.ORG. has run here 'announcement' speech through the fact check 'machine'.  Her announcement speech did not make it to the 'truth cycle'. 

I'd love to address this issue a bit more but my vacation time is tight and I should be asleep in contemplation of a busy day tomorrow. Rest is at a premium. Today I was caught admiring a few bikini outfits and I did not have the mental acuity to convince the wife that I was focusing on the bathing suit and not the body that it very inadequately covered.

One point before signing-off.  When Chris Wallace, allegedly the only real journalist on FOX News, has to ask Bachmann. ( on camera) if she is a flake.  Anyone who is not one of the FOX News sycophancy, knows that Fox News Producers use the Chris Wallace method to allow their guest to speak about issues that are in the news. Hannity is the master of the non-interview.  I see the 'Journalist at Fox-Wallace, is using the same 'soft-technique.


If  Fox News has to resort to such 'bush league' interview tactics, there is real merit in the (question's) underlying point.  Of course, Bachmann is a flake and a not very mental flake at that.

Bachmann's Waterloo

The GOP lawmaker's presidential campaign starts with a slew of off-base claims.

June 28, 2011


Rep. Michele Bachmann officially joined the presidential campaign trail, but made a flurry of false and misleading claims along the way.

The Minnesota Republican appeared on two Sunday talk shows the day before giving her formal announcement speech in Waterloo, Iowa. On the shows, she made false statements about income from her family farm and government subsidies to her husband's business. She also made misstatements regarding earmarks, federal pay, government-owned "limousines" and health care:

    * Bachmann falsely claimed that she and her husband "have never gotten a penny" from a family farm that received federal subsidies. But she reported income from the farm in 2006, 2008 and 2009 -- the most recent year available -- on her congressional financial disclosure statements.

    * She claimed she had been "faithful" to her pledge not to request federal earmarks. But she requested $40 million in transportation earmarks in the 2009 fiscal year budget after taking the pledge, later claiming such projects should not be subjected to her promise. She withdrew her requests after the House Republicans took a party position in 2010 not to seek earmarks.

    * Bachmann wrongly blamed President Obama for increasing the number of federal transportation workers who earn more than $170,000 from one to 1,690 during the recession. At least two-thirds of those employees were receiving more than $170,000 before Obama took office.

    * She criticized the president for a 73 percent increase in government "limousines." But one department accounted for the increase, and it had a long-term plan, pre-dating Obama, to add armored vehicles. The term "limousine" includes armored vehicles and sedans, not just actual limos.

    * She claimed government money received by her husband's counseling clinics did not benefit the business, because the funds paid for employee training. It's true the clinics received $24,041 for training, but the business received thousands more in government funds, including money for treating crime victims.

    * The three-term congresswoman repeated -- on two Sunday shows -- the false claim that the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said the federal health care law will "cost the economy 800,000 jobs." The CBO never said that. It said there will be a "small" impact on jobs.

When she got to Waterloo to deliver her first official campaign speech, Bachmann made her now viral gaffe in saying that tough-guy actor John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. The Duke was born in Winterset, Iowa, and was raised in California. It was John Wayne Gacy, the serial killer, who was from Waterloo.

Note: This is a summary only. The full article with analysis, images and citations may be viewed on our Web site:

UPDATE.  While I am peeved at over the Jon Stewart Fox News flap, I think the following link is critical as we face the horrors of phony self-serving politicians like Bachmann.


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