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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Contempt Drips in their Tea

Pure contempt is a horrible state of mind  and can be equally revealing when one has national exposure.  A perfect example is the ugly reappearance of one Joe Walsh, Tea Party Leader-Chicago resident- Republican Congressmen.

Congressman Joe Walsh from Illinois told Slate Magazine that  President Barack Obama was elected due to his race and white guilt.
“Why was he elected? Again, it comes back to who he was. He was black, he was historic. And there’s nothing racist about this. It is what it is. If he had been a dynamic, white, state senator elected to Congress he wouldn’t have gotten in the game this fast. This is what made him different. That, combined with the fact that your profession”—another friendly tap of the bumper sticker—”not you, but your profession, was just absolutely compliant. They made up their minds early that they were in love with him. They were in love with him because they thought he was a good liberal guy and they were in love with him because he pushed that magical button: a black man who was articulate, liberal, the whole white guilt, all of that.”
 Mr. Walsh provides his own disclaimer, " And there is nothing racist about this."  Well, Mr. Walsh wrong!  The statement is absolutely and completely racist as you ignored eight years of Bush and candidate Obama's opponents (McCain/Palin) while opining that Obama won based on race. 

Mr. Walsh carries his (Tea Party) contempt to another level.

Video Text
"President Obama, quit lying," Walsh said. "You know darn well that if Aug. 2 comes and goes, there's plenty of money to pay off our debt and cover all of our Social Security obligations."
Walsh, who got elected with strong Tea Party backing, is a leading member of what's been dubbed the "Hell, No caucus" — the Republican lawmakers who refuse to raise the debt ceiling. House Tea Party Caucus Chairwoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, who is running for president, accused Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner of selling the nation a bill of goods.
"It's this: that if Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling by $2.5 trillion, that somehow the United States will go into default and we will lose the full faith and credit of the United States," she said. "That is simply not true."

As with yesterdays post regrading the inane Michelle Bachmann, who will you believe?

Late Night Nightmare: Sarah Palin Calls President Obama a Liar


 I will not spend any time and words here as I consdier the source of this specific reference to the President of the United states as a 'Liar".  

 Sarah Palin On Debt Ceiling: It's 'Not Time To Retreat, It's Time To Reload' (VIDEO)

 Don't you think this person can come-up with a new and much more relevant analogy?

I will end with this, Mrs. Palin should get off Twitter and read a few movie reviews and last Friday night attendance figures.

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