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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Well, back from vacation. 

As I spent the week in the traditionally conservative State of Florida, I saw absolutely not one news segment from MSNBC. Actually, I am not sure the moderately priced hotel chains in certain parts of the state provide coverage beyond FOX News, CNN and, of course, the local stuff. So, I should not lay blame on Florida for being placed in a real news void for a week. (Man, I felt like I was in an alien indoctrination camp as I peeped at FOX sparingly and was forced to endure too many minutes of growing silliness and the inane CNN.

What is the very first headline tat I see upon firing upon the old PC: Mark Halperin. I would not post the following video , if the site had few readers form many countries around the globe. Since viewer-ship is very widespread, watch the following example of 'highly paid', guttural attack on the President of the United States.

Yes, Halperin the very obvious anti-President Obama, Sarah Plain supporter made comment that would probably garner a bonus on Fox News. 


He is contractedf with MSNBC. (Oh, and he is afforded far too much airtime)

Let me set this in my mind. The President of the United States speaks out against the partisan silliness in the US Congress and he gets blasted by some dweeb who is so anti-Obama, he exudes contempt for the man. This is the very same 'pundit' who seems to have found a degree of rationale for the completely 'frothy' and inaccurate rambling of Sarah Palin and her Paul Revere remarks.
Mr. Halperin’s comment came less than one day after President Obama held a rare mid-day press conference, warning Republicans against challenging an August 2 deadline for the raising the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt ceiling.
I have to wonder, what would Halperin have the President do. He has played golf with a couple of the inhumane GOP (ers): to no avail.  He has tried since day one of his administration to show a bi-partisan side; even tot he extent of sacrificing many in his own base.  He has literally sided with the RIGHT on issues that should have been decided with a mind towards the LEFT (i.e., escalation in Afghanistan).  I posit that the President is showing good leadership on this matter; a matter that cannot go unfixed by the Republicans in Congress.

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