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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rise of the (Midwestern) Black Conservative

GOP Strategy or Real Concern for the Black Community 

As I watched news from across the nation,  I noticed that a group called, alleged black conservative group, held a conference in St.  Louis, Missouri on Aug. 13, 2011.   After watching newscast I decided to seek a bit more information about the conference and the organization.    I located the preceding link, but quickly became disappointed when I realized that I cannot embed the 2:17 minute video on this site. If you navigate to the newscast the video is towards the bottom of the page, but it rotates with other videos and may not appear as available.  The video is labeled Conservatives in St. Louis.  

The video included a young black GOP Chairman from the St. Louis Metro Area.  The spokesperson,  Eugene Dokes - African-American chairman of the St. Charles County Republican Party, eloquently spoke about how had been instrumental in his interest in politics and continuing his education.  The webpage also included the following.

A Navy veteran, Dokes now runs his own real estate agency and is working on his PHD in business.  He said the convention showed participants “you’re not a bad African American for being a conservative."

A bit more from the news channel website.

Kinder, Steelman, Wagner and Ed Martin, who is also seeking the 2nd Congressional District nomination, spoke at a dinner Saturday night honoring the late State Rep. Sherman Parker who helped launch Move-On-Up.

Kinder avoided talking to reporters who were waiting for him outside the dinner event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at the Airport.  He slipped in and out of a kitchen entrance.

The News channel article reveals some interesting things.

First the list of Missouri GOP politicians include a couple of names that are worth special mention.   Ed Martin is a local Tea Party leader. I will return to Martin's and his Tea Party in a moment.

Of particular note was mention that Peter Kinder, Lt. Governor, was in the audience and chose to leave the event through a back door.  Back door?  Now that is awful Republican of him.  Kinder was recently 'outted' by a local stripper for offering to 'house' her in an apartment that might be funded by monies not straight from Kinder's pocket wallet.  Kinder is not married, so no issues in that realm.  The issue was the strippers comments that Kinder became increasingly aggressive which made her uncomfortable.    Apartment not paid for by Kinder?  I hope that is not the case.  But, then the Lt. Governor left via a back door to avoid facing the news remote crew.  Now, that behavior is a little less than up-front about the incident with the stripper.

OK, .no reason to 'rain' on the black conservative event, right?

How about indulging me for a moment as I explore exerts from the Move-on-up webpage.

Move-- Website Exerts

 Event Announcement (pre-event)

“Meet Me in St. Louis” Black Conservative Convention to be Hosted by, a social network of African American conservatives, will host convention to network and strategize for 2012 election season. ST. LOUIS, Mo. (April 15, 2011) –, has announced plans for a black conservative convention, to be hosted in St. Louis at the Downtown Hilton at the Ballpark from August 12th-14th. The “Meet Me in St. Louis” Black Conservative Convention,” as it has been named, will be an event for black conservatives from across the nation to meet, network, and form strategies for conservative victory in the 2012 elections.......


As the GOP has embarked on clear agendas that appear revisionist regarding US History and outright regressive regarding social interaction, I am impressed with the effort to recruit more black people to their party.  Despite the obvious political motive for the outreach, I do find it interesting and gleeful that the GOP recognizes their world is changing.  Can you imagine a Strum Thurmond or Trent Lott GOP reaching out as today's GOP is forced to reach-out to minorities?  I wonder if I was a young naive gentleman and read the following if I would ask someone at the conference about the comments. 
The honorable Jess Sessions of Alabama, refers to a black lawyer who worked for him as 'boy'.   Sessions also is alleged to have commented disparagingly about the NAACP while harboring an affinity for the KKK.  He is further reported to comment in private that a young white lawyer was a traitor to his race as the lawyer defended a black client.  
The man continues win elections in the Great State of Alabama.
I am certain the young curious attendee will get a rational explanation for members of the GOP who might have only political (leverage) interest in his joining the Party. Key Principles
......will focus on’s 5 key principles: renewing our economy, health care reform, securing our borders, education, and strengthening our families.


Five key principles.  I notice two of the 'key principles' are truly commendable: education and strengthening our families.  The relevance of 'securing our borders' as a platform key principle as the group organizes in the St. Louis Metro area is a bit 'off-point".  St. Louis as is the case with any other major city, and most of the nation in general, is suffering from a jobs 'drought'.  How can the GOP (black, white or indifferent) meet regarding winning the 2012 Election without posted principles related to 'jobs'?  I posit the GOP does not care about solving the nation's unemployment problem. A major fix with results to that problem will almost certainly guarantee President Obama another term.  If the unemployment numbers improve the GOP has no 'political strategy' that will capture the nation's attention. They without question do not have other legislative achievement on which to campaign.  No, the GOP is no legislative juggernaut.

Another peek at the key principles is astounding.  The GOP just forced a financial downgrade of the nations Triple AAA credit rating with Standard and Poor's.  Two other rating agencies have signaled need for compromise in Washington D.C, or they will follow the S & P. How can any conference come to closure without significant-agenda attention to a matter that affects everyone in the United States. The downgrade could have deleterious effect in the black community' a community already riddled with economic plight.  I suggest that economic plight in the black community is of no regard for the 'black conservatives' as they surely follow suit with their Party brethren: People are of less consequence.

Healthcare Reform?  I dread the thought of seeking the number of black people (and others) in the nation who have no health care coverage.  I recently saw a special on cable news network of a free dental clinic.  The lines were hours in length; clinic organizers scheduled  a second day of on free dental cared based on those lines.  If any one has any sense of national news or current events that person has to know that the GOP has no interest in federal healthcare reform.  Why is it a key principle for the black conservatives event (and organization)? 

Renewing our economy?  Alas, a relevant topic for the black conservatives.  Surely the dialogue must have focused on increasing their taxes and helping provide jobs.  The very thought is but a fantasy that can only be accomplished in one's uncontrollable dreams.  The topics as I have delineated undoubtedly were not on the agenda.

Key principles aside, let's take a look at some website entries that seem to provide aura for the black conservative organization.

Web site Entries....

Needless to say, but I will anyway. I did not visit one of the aforementioned links. One does not have to expose himself to the RIGHT-WING rhetoric regardless of ethnicity, race of color. Of course, I did not expect to see links that appear as links appear on more progressive sites.  I would have been surprised to see a link related to 'climate change', a link related to JOBs, a link related to growing racially charged behavior across the nation, a link related to a compromising congress, or even a link that list a few of President Obama's accomplishments (for which there are many).   In reality the links appear very much as links on Fox, Red State and other right-wing website.

So, Web Entry links behind us, let's take another peek at the web page.....

St. Louis Andrew Breitbart

WHAT? WHAT?  I do not see, what I think....?  I cannot see what I think I see!  Andrew BreitBart was a guest speaker at the event?  Holy Martin Luther King, Jr.  Holy Medgar Evers? Holy Lyndon Baines Johnson?  The black conservatives could not have invited Breitbart to the event (and provide payment for a speech). NO!

Do the black conservatives not realize that Breitbart is reported to have connection to the slimy little twerp who worked with Fox News to kill ACORN?  Do these people not care that ACORN worked to register millions of black voters as first timers in the nations constitutional political process.  (ACORN also policed itself and turned into authorities people who were suspected of voter registration fraud.)?  Unless of course, the black conservatives also feel that high voter registration is not an ally of the GOP.  Surely, no black person would work to stifle or not support voter registration!  They know that as a people black people only secured the legal right to vote in 1964/65 via President Johnson.

Andrew Breitbart?  Do the black conservatives not realize that this man strategically edited an old USDA meeting tape to cast negative light on a middle level black female manager?  Of course, his intent was to level a 'blackened eye' at the White House; he got just that via poor handling of the surprise attack from the RIGHT.  I am certain that at least one black conservative asked Breitbart of  the underhanded misrepresentation of the tape.

Bretbart sees to me to be a strategy to attract non-white attendees to the conference.  I will be hard pressed to believe that anyone from the fine city of St. Louis, Missouri would open their speakers fees for a Breitbart. Quite possibly, his pay could have come from other sources well behind the fine city of St. Louis, Missouri and the black conservatives.

Mr. Dokes , " .... said the convention showed participants “you’re not a bad African American for being a conservative."  

Mr. Dokes is correct. If the African Americans paradigm is such that she/he fits into the mold of what we refer to as conservative, so be it. Please exercise that American right to affiliate.  The black community is not a monolithic horde of blindly led people.  We are very little different from other ethnic groups in the nation. Yes, but history and current events does not shine a pristine light across our community as the black conservatives would like to believe.  In fact, they know better.  

This is where I have major departure from the 'so-called' black conservative.  These people know full well that civil rights in our nation is not share luxury. If the federal and state governments are the largest employers of black male professionals that is a glaring and horrid statistic. That simply means companies are discriminating in hiring, regardless of that right-wing mantra that we live in a 'color blind 'society.  If the black conservatives do not acknowledge that only less than 5% of top CEOs in the nation are women, the black conservative are wearing horse blinders. If they also do not reject the fact that women are paid $.77 for the dollar that I am paid, they are as guilty of discrimination as are those who perpetrate such foil pay practices.  If the black conservative shields her/his eyes from the need for national healthcare, I suggest they have greater motive behind the factual denial. If the black conservative does not find the antics of Andrew Breitbart disgusting and demeaning, I question the factual motives of their movement.

Finally, I truly cannot understand how the black conservative can support any party that is actively seeking to dismantle life sustaining programs that will certainly help their relatives (if not themselves) as time moves those people to the nations elderly.

I believe the black conservatives will find themselves on the losing end of GOP political subterfuge and manipulation. It seems readily apparent that the RIGHT is deploying strategies to dilute the black vote as well as their efforts to dilute the vote of collective bargaining. will be watching.

Mr Dokes you are very correct one does not have to hold their head in shame or be a bad African American if they are a conservative.  But, why not give the nation your thoughts on David Dukes's (KKK Leader,  well publicized affinity for the Tea Party.  How did you feel when that protester spat on the Congressman from your State as he and other Democrats marched (to their offices) in support for healthcare reform?  How do you feel, young man, about the information above related to Mr. Jeff sessions? And, how do you feel about Pat Buchanan upcoming book , "... the End of Life in America for White People' or something of that sort?   

If one of your key principles was reform within the GOP, your organization would have much more value in your own community. Reform starts at home, you are living in a house that needs serious reform...a key principle maybe?


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