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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fox News "There You Go Again" - Ronald Reagan 1980

On this past week's  Dancing With The Stars, funny guy Kressley hit the screen wearing a gorilla mask. Taking it off he snarked, “It still smells like a Tea Party.”
AH, a bit of comeuppance!  

The Party gets a bit of push back from a humorist with a gorilla mask.  Since,  there has been no  reaction from the Tea Party (collectively or individually) it seems the quip rolled-off as was intended: A quip.  Between you and me, I will admit to a great deal of glee that Kressley chose to use the mask of a gorilla.  I have not seen so much Great Ape mimicry since January 20, 2009?  Most of the mimicry was in the opposite direction  from the Tea Party and directed at the president.  So much for Kressley, the masking and comment are not issues worthy of deep discussion.

The reaction from (Fox News) is worthy of discussion.
Even Dancing is not safe from left-wing attacks on Tea Partiers, sadly. Last night on the venerable dance show, fashion makeover mavenCarson Kressley thought it would be a hoot to make fun of over half the voters in America with an attack on how he thinks Tea Party activists smell.

Now, these are words very much worthy of exploration.  How can a committed liberal allow those words to pass?  Is it possible that over half of U.S. voters belong to the Tea Party Ideology?

Well, let's take a look at data about Tea Party demographics from what appears to be a quasi neutral information source.  I do not find the site completely neutral as you will discover should you care to click the link above.

Demographics and Politics

Some quick statistics about the Tea Party’s composition:
  • 74% of Tea Party supporters identify as Republicans or Republican-leaning independents. 16% identify as Democrats or Democratic-leaning independents.
  • 45% of Tea Party supporters are men, and 55% are women; 88% are white; 77% voter for John McCain in 2008 and 15% voted for Barack Obama.
  • If a ballot included a Tea Party candidate, 40% of Tea Partiers say they’d choose that candidate31% would vote for the Republican and 9% would vote for the Democrat.
  • In terms of age, educational background, employment status, and race, Tea Party supporters are generally representative of the public at large. (I take  exception to this statement as viewing Tea party rallies, Tea party marches and the Tea party/CNN Debate did not yield what I would consider a truly diverse set of people. The value is in there potential use in prediction, study and for building strategy.  Surveys  also have value in support o,f or to refute, a hypothesis.   The Gallup survey was conducted among 1023 people in March of 2010.   (See Note below: Gallup Survey Method).  Any survey that includes 1023 respondents draws major concern from me, when I see comparable data for non-white blacks and Hispanics Tea Party supports and the general adult public. I will leave that point as my opinion and open for interpretation. Rest assured, however, that there is no survey published today that will convince me that acceptance of the Teas Party is even close to evenly distributed among the Black and Hispanic Community).

Note: Gallup's linked Survey Methods

The  Gallup survey , however, makes good and relevant points about the Tea Party and how the movement ideology spans the psyches of potential voters.   Fox Nations unnamed writer went far beyond.  Why not consider reading it again!

"..Carson Kressley thought it would be a hoot to make fun of over half the voters in America."   Gallup data: 12% of all American voters identify as part of the Tea Party movement.

Fox News has a history that is well documented when it comes to 'creative editing' of video.  Fox News Sean Hannity recently joined the EIB network's Rush Limbaugh in lying about the unemployment rate when President Obama took office.  The figures from Limbaugh and Hannity: 5.7% unemployment and 5.7 % unemployment. The unemployment rate the week of January 20, 2009, was 7.9 per cent.  These on-air demagogues earn more than 45 million per year between the two. They have staff that earn in the upper levels of income. Those figures (5.5% and 5.7%) were not in error.

My quest led me to data for Colorado.
A Rasmussen survey released Monday paints a strange picture of Tea Party participation in Colorado. According to the report, 33% of likely Colorado voters identify themselves as participants in the Tea Party movement, compared with 24% nationally. (Highlight added for emphasis)
64% of Republicans identified with the movement, compared with 10% of Democrats.
I assume that Rasmussen surveyed in every state. The link above navigates to a membership solicitation that may have run in  Colorado. The  data in my opinion may be even more indicative of the fallacies and lies of FOX Nations  (Fox News) verbiage related to the scope of Tea party voters.  Colorado has been known to swing among Democratic representatives and Republican representatives (with a lean towards the Right)
We two Independent sources  and survey data that completely refutes the Fox nation comment.

" make fun of over half the voters in America."  

Gallup 12% identify as Tea Party

Rasmussen 24% identify as Tea Party

If I split the difference between these two sources the data falls someplace in the range of 18% identify as Tea Party. My methodology is not even close to scientific but I think it far more accurate than Fox Nation's "over half  U.S. voters" (identify as Tea Party).

What we have here is pure Fox News (Roger Ailes)  "yellow journalism' and Fox News propaganda.

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