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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Young Republicans Learn Early and They Learn Well

"Increase Diversity Bake Sale"
Young republicans at University of California-Berkley have learned well and they are practicing their 'privilege' in accordance with GOP Doctrine.
— White/Caucasian students, $2 for each baked good.
— Asians/Asian-Americans, $1.50.
— Latinos/Hispanics, $1.
— Blacks/African-Americans, 75 cents.
— Native Americans, 25 cents.
And, they're taking 25 cents off for women.

A brewing controversy on the University of California-Berkley Campus, involves issues of race from people who identify as Republicans. A group of students (self-proclaimed young republicans) stirs the fire of growing attention to race relations the United States.  Apparently, a group of students on the California campus sought to bring attention to a bill that authorizes consideration of race admissions. Protest, peaceful civil disobedience or civil attention garnering tactics on college campuses is nothing new. In fact, it is just about akin to a 'right-of-passage' for many students.  During trying times as have beset the nation, I have mixed feelings on this particular of protest. How about a little background.....
Herewith is a copy of what appears to be a Facebook  'bake sale' posting:


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Tuesday, September 27 · 10:00am - 2:00pm


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ForBerkeley College Republicans

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Gov. Jerry Brown has SB 185 on his desk which would authorize California public universities to consider race, gender, ethnicity, and national/geographic origin in the admissions process. The Berkeley College Republicans firmly believe measuring any admit's merit based on race is intrinsically racist. Our bake sale will be at the same time and location of a phone bank which will be making calls to urge Gov. Brown to sign the bill. The purpose of the event is to offer another view to this policy of considering race in university admissions. The pricing structure of the baked goods is meant to be satirical, while urging students to think more critically about the implications of this policy.To see the full original, satirical version of this event, click here:
The link just above takes the reader to the Facebook thread or part of the thread.  The thread is a group college students arguing the merits of lack of merit regarding the issue. The Facebook thread starts with the following:
BREAKING!! The Berkeley College Republicans just took down the offensive description of the "Increase Diversity" Bake Sale and replaced it with some less controversial statements about their event. But just in case you didn't see it before. Here it is now!! BCR, you made a big mistake doing what you did. I hope you're ready to hear the masses because what you saw on Facebook is nothing compared to how we can mobilize.
My mixed feelings center around, a longstanding acceptance that many in the nation have no concerns with the history of our nation.  There concern is generally embodied as such, ".......I did not enslave your ancestors, I did not discriminate against your ancestors, nor you, and I do not care about efforts to balance life in the nation".  After growing in age and experience, I can actually find some understanding of their position. From another perspective and one that placed me squarely in the 'evil eyes' of discrimination and bigotry, I have little empathy.  I have little empathy for their lack of appreciation for the quest from not only slavery but of more relevance, Womens' Suffrage, segregation in the armed forces, workplace discrimination against women, Jim Crowe, overwhelming discrimination in hiring. A recent comment from a person who claimed to be "....NOT WHITE; I AM NATIVE AMERICAN, shows my point. The commenter went on to say, "get over it"!.  And the commenter went further, "You come from a place where your ancestors were kept as valued property, (VALUED PROPERTY), and my ancestors were subject to genocide...."   Yes, "Valued Property" was the comment!

I digress.

The students at Berkley have apparently taken down or modified their posting to exclude the words "Increase Diversity'.  Well, that seems comparable to forwarding an email about the president pictured as a ape with the word 'Ape' deleted from the email.

Protest should be allowed in any form as long as it is within the law of the land. It is even acceptable if not expected that protest of 'bad law' receive some form of protest'.  That said, why do republicans or people who claim republicanism resort to exhibitions which mock civility.

An "Increase Diversity Bake Sale, despite claims of satire, mocks facts that haunt our nation.  While Affirmative Action is the 'nastiest' of words to conservatives and really not very popular with non-conservatives, it is unfortunately still necessary in our nation.  Data absolutely supports my assertion; programs set of require companies to make efforts to recruit outside of their norms is the only way to break cycles of discrimination. [For sake of detail after having written many affirmative action plans, the federal register (Civil Rights Act 1964, Title VII, expressly prohibits setting of quotas in hiring.  I have even been busted by a federal auditor for a hiring practice that appeared as a quota. The practice was stopped under threat of fine.] The republican mantra regarding quotas is pure fallacy and political 'red herring'. Let's review a quick set of data with comment.

Women in the workplace

But although women make up over half of America's labor force, as of 2009, only 12 Fortune 500companies and 25 Fortune 1000 companies have women CEOs or presidents.
In 1998, 11.2% of corporate officers in Fortune 500 companies were women. This percentage rose to a peak of 16.4% by 2005, but has since fallen and in 2008 it rested at 15.7%.
It will take decades for a leveling of promotion and hiring practices that will led to women occupying a 'rightful' number of CEO positions. It will not happen without impetus from government.

Minorities in Corpoate America (strategic level positions)

Former J.P. Morgan Executive Clayton Rose
Still, Rose found that better-established companies seem to be satisfied after hiring one or two minorities do little afterward to enhance diversity. Rose’s research showed the percentage of director seats held by nonwhites (African American, Hispanic, Latin, Asian American, Asian, and Indian) increased from 2.4 percent in 1980 to 13.5 percent in 2000. But those minority-held posts in 2000 represented only one or two minority directors per firm, most of them African Americans. “There seems to be a limit on the number of African American directors,” Rose said. “There’s a kind of a ‘check the box’ thing that goes on here. Once [companies] get their one or two, they’re done, and they move on.”
Statistics from 2003 revealed that out of 1,496 executives sampled, 124—or about 8 percent—were nonwhite, Rose said. Few directors (3.5 percent) and executives are of Hispanic and Asian heritage, even though in 2000 they comprised 10 percent of the eligible population.
Charles Blow of the New York Times recently commented that governments are the largest employers of black men.  Now, that is a stark and horrid statistic.  The reason for that set of statistics is open for interpretation, my experience in corporate America leads me directly to preferential hiring and promotion white men under age 35 to 40 by companies doing business in our nation.  What does government adhere to that U.S Companies, for the most part, could not care less about: Fair hiring policies and practices.

As these young students grow throw their late thirties to early forties, they will grow to understand why governments have a responsibility to strive for balance among its citizens. The only way to achieve balance is to attach the award of certain government contracts and business relationships to hiring and promotion that affects all.

The very same responsibility must be applied in higher level education.

Understanding the opposite side of right, when people feel they owe nothing for the errs of our past, is one thing.  Understanding that the only way to effectively intervene in 'self perpetuating' discrimination (often with out malice) is to require some form of impetus. The data related to corporate America can be changed if diversity is applied in higher education. I posit that schools should not only adhere to such laws, hose schools should force attendance in 'inclusivity' (beyond diversity) classes.

The students at Cal.-Berkley, certainly have the right to protest the pending law. I suggest they have learned the downsides of their party very early in life. That downside is often ugly and callous.  Do we need examples beyond running the GOP Debate videos?

It is not an attractive set of words, but those young republicans are reacting to their homegrown beliefs and paradigm born of their up-bringing: "White Privilege".

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