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Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Agitate, Agitate"

During a recent trip to the nation's capitol, I had the distinct pleasure to visit the Frederick Douglass Cherry Hill House.

Yes, I visited the White House (a tour), I visited the MLK Monument, and I toured around other historical monuments but there was something about the visit to Frederick Douglass's House that remains emblazoned in my mind.

Despite arriving at the Cherry Hill House prior to the National Park's daily scheduled tour, I was allowed to watch a 20 minute film in the museum theater.   The video chronicled  the life of Frederick Douglas from his early childhood to his death. Much of the film was devoted to matters related to his life as a slave and his quest for freedom from slavery.  Of particular note was the film's end minutes.

As the film moved towards the ending seconds, the final scene showed a young man sitting on the steps of the Cherry Hill House. He was waiting for Douglas to return home.  After a brief period Douglas appeared walking up a walkway with the assistance of a cane (that is housed in the museum as well as a plaster cast of his face in death). Douglass had grown very old. After a brief exchange of greetings the young man asked Douglas if he had an opportunity to share a thought that would help the young man moved forward through life.

Douglas paused. He looked down for a few seconds, slowly looked back to the young man's face and said, "Agitate"

As he walked pass the young man and up the steps to his porch, looked over his left shoulder and said, "Agitate".  

Just before entering his door way, he turned to the young man and said, "Agitate, Agitate".   

The film ended.

As I gaze upon the following photograph, I was reminded of the word from Douglas.


The movement never ends.

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