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Monday, October 17, 2011

Haley Barbour Predicts Cain to Sweep South. Really?

Haley Barbour Speaks

“If Herman Cain is our nominee running against Barack Obama, I think he’ll sweep the South,” Barbour said on Laura Ingraham's radio show. 
"He's likable. I think if [elections] were today, my wife would vote for Herman Cain," he (Barbour)  said, adding that his sons had taken a liking to Cain's campaign as well, telling him, "Dad, I like him. I like what he says."

About Cain’s proposed 9-9-9 plan,  “commonsensical.”  Barbour says it is commonsensical!

We need to do things that say here’s what we’re for, here’s why we’re for it, and here’s how it’ll help our country and our communities,Barbour said. “That is something Herman Cain has made in a real straightforward, simple to understand way.”

"You heard of the Citizens Councils? Up north they think it was like the KKK," said Barbour. "Where I come from it was an organization of town leaders. In Yazoo City they passed a resolution that said anybody who started a chapter of the Klan would get their ass run out of town. If you had a job, you'd lose it. If you had a store, they'd see nobody shopped there. We didn't have a problem with the Klan in Yazoo City."

OOPs, now how did that Barbour utterance get into this article?  It speaks to the credibility of people like Haley Barbour. White Citizens Council, Mr. Barbour.... two clear paragraphs that speak to Barbour failures of veracity.
Alright, now the truth be told. Haley Barbour's wife would vote for Cain and Barbour's son "likes what he as to say".  Barbour  himself says that Cain would sweep the South against Obama.

I often here and read about how Barbour is very smart and a political  wiz on the right.  OK, I will accept that despite Barbour's frequent lapses into fantasy, revisionism, Southern regression-ism (A wish to live as the nation existed prior to the late 1950s).  My acceptance in no way means that I agree.

Cain will sweep the South.   Genius, pure, genius!  What else is new about the voting South?  Democrats will never fair win in the South. In fact, it took a collapsing Bush Era to drive Floridian (conservative voters) to a point of political sanity. The rest of the voting South? No need to answer that question. Barbour speaks in rhetorical terms. No Democrat will ever win the majority of Southern States.

Barbour mentions straight talk and his son 'likes what Cain has to say'.

Well, Cain's straight talk has led to at least two major speech corrections. He will not apologize for his verbal slippage because his words come from his heart and his beliefs.  He does not do 'gaffes'. His comments about Muslims, his comments about African-Americans, his very intentional wallowing in the cesspool of cheap racially positioning remarks towards the president, are but a few examples of "what he says and straight talk".   It is a shame that Barbour could not have been pinned down for what he means by straight talk.  Could it be 9-9-9 tax plan?  Well, 9-9-9 is dying on the vine (excuse the rhythm) as Cain's tax plan is coming under scrutiny from both sides of the political spectrum.  He has also named a supporter of his 9-9-9 tax plan as an economist; the named professional is no economist.

Barbour and his family have an affinity for Cain; well good.  As I have written before, Cain knows the art of garnering attention and turning that attention via being bombastic into marketable communication. In other words, he can survey the environment, and develop strategies that he feels will benefit him.  In fewer words, he will lie and manipulate with a flair for 'the showman'.  In even lesser words, "he is a clown".

Herein lies the problem.  One should think about how the GOP left our nation in 2007/2008.   The party will not do the right thing to improve our plight at the expense of the nation's moneyed class, people, industry and corporate America).  Barbour and his family (since he mentioned his family) are exhibiting the very same penchant for 'surface' scrutiny that advances the GOP that advances many conservative opportunist who actually harmed the nation financially.  Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush are classic examples.  In one case (Ronald Reagan), " he sounds good".  Yet, HE, increased the nation's deficit more than any president except George W. Bush.

The impact of those two presidents linger today.  But it does not  matter  because Mr. Reagan made us feel good. So, Cain makes the Barbour family, feel good.


UPDATE:  After Barbour did the Party thing and expressed complete confidence that Cain would sweep Obama in the South,he went on to drag his family into the mix. His son likes......... His wife would vote for.....

First off, why is it even necessary to speak about such as nothing about the Barbour's would strike me as people who would vote in any way but republican. No surprise; expected. But, there is hint of bigotry in the remarks as he pits one black president against a black presidential 'wanna be', without any real purpose.  Did anyone ask how his family felt about Cain vs. Obama. I strongly suspect that Barbour would not have 'gone there' if race was not at the root of his comments.

So he drags his family into the comment field.  

Now, after doing so, watch how Barbour reacted to Chris Matthews today. The interview is about Cain as a serous candidate.  I think the interview that Matthews performs is deplorable, frankly. It is also a bit dis- ingenious as he warps up. How soon Matthews forgets about Barbour's comments about Civil Rights in Mississippi, the White Citizens Council and his revisionist talk about segregated colleges in his home state.  Matthews does not help his credibility when his 'wipes' a 'good -guy' rag across Barbour's brow.

MSNBC Matthews and Barbour (A must watch)

Really Haley?

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