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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Veteran Among Occupy Wall Street, ‘I Am Not Moving’ (Video)

November 20, 2011

As a veteran, I sometimes read that a majority of veterans and active military personnel support the GOP.  Which doesn’t greatly bother me because it means our troops and our veterans are energized towards politics and care about the direction of the nation. They, like us all, have a vested interest in the direction we take as a people. We know we cannot go down the same path as we have in recent times.

The veterans are a bit different and should be held in high esteem. They sacrificed to serve the nation. Some gave the ultimate sacrifice and others gave years of their lives to keep our nation safe.

As the casualties mount and the uselessness of military occupation continues, do you find yourself thinking about our troops? I often find myself  recalling my days of active duty.  I also find myself thinking about how tough a life our current vets will have as they rotate out of the military.  Especially with people like Jim DeMint, (R) South Carolina, that say they are no different than other citizens. He added that they do not deserve special consideration in finding employment. Because of that belief, he would deny a small tax credit to employers who might be inclined to hire our vets. Or, they hear Mitt Romney callously speak about increasing troops strength in foreign countries with no rational reason other than ‘campaign speak’.

And, yes I think about how veterans and active military  personnel feel about the Occupy Wall Street Protest.  But I also think of this….

A police officer pepper-sprays students at an Occupy protest at University of California, Davis

I wonder if either of the young protesters who were pepper sprayed were veterans.

As I sought information about veterans and their thoughts about OWS, I came across the following.  It is poignant and well produced….and it emanates from the mind and craft of a US Veteran.

I am NOT Moving – Occupy Wall Street

Posted 4 weeks ago by vlogger
I am NOT Moving – Occupy Wall Street – A Short Film — While the demonstrations continue, one protestor has compiled several video clips and produced a short film.

No, VLOGGER…Don’t Move.. protesters always win in the end!

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