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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ron Paul: Rothbardian libertarian/paleoconservativism?

Rothbardian libertarian/paleoconservativism


Yes, a must read!

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Ron Paul, GOP Presidential hopeful and noted Tea Party Libertarian, has again commented he is not the author of a large set of racial slurs focused on African-Americans and homosexual Americans.

Paul's campaign for the US House in 1992 was accompanied by charges  has political newsletter was laced with racially charged writings. In 1996 Austin Texas Lawyer Charles "Lefty" Morris distribute a set of alleged Paul comments.  Morris distributed the comments as a Democratic opponent for the 1996 district congressional race.

I am going to post some of the alleged writings allegedly penned by Paul. First, I want to jump ahead to 2007 as Paul speak with Wolf Blitzer
about the alleged comments and writings.

YouTube CNN interview.... (NOTE: 7:19 minutes, but worth the 
perspective.  Do not forget both Paul's (Ron and Rand) ramble like babbling children. His ramble is almost classic as of his son on the Rachel Maddow Show.  Maddow Interview Segment 1;  Interview Segment 2: )

After Paul's unbelievable ramble, note the way that his interview ends.  He also talks at length about the people in his district,. Well, his comments warrant the questions. Do I really believe that the people in his district care? He says the people have not rejected him in Texas (really?).   Also didn't Paul  say he did not even read his own newsletters!

..."maybe this is part of knock-down Ron Paul because he is gaining ground with the blacks".  ("..the blacks")  Who was it, Donald Trump who uttered he gets along well with the blacks?  There is something basically revealing about that 'lexicon'.

The Business Insider Politix yesterday published.... the late 1980s and early 1990s. They were called the Ron Paul's Political Report, Ron Paul's Freedom Report, the Ron Paul Survival Report and the Ron Paul Investment Letter. 
There is no doubt that the newsletters contained utterly racist statements.
Some choice quotes:
  • "Given the inefficiencies of what DC laughingly calls the criminal justice system, I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal."
  • "We are constantly told that it is evil to be afraid of black men, it is hardly irrational."
  • After the Los Angeles riots, one article in a newsletter claimed, "Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks."
  • One referred to Martin Luther King Jr. as "the world-class philanderer who beat up his paramours" and who "seduced underage girls and boys."
  • Another referred to Barbara Jordan, a civil rights activist and congresswoman as "Barbara Morondon," the "archetypical half-educated victimologist."
Other newsletters had strange conspiracy theories about homosexuals, the CIA, and AIDS. 
Read more
If Paul is being truthful who wrote the material? 

The Business Insider published a few interesting speculations related to Paul and past  possible reasons for publishing such trash.  If you followed the link just above, you might have come away, as did I, with the impression the writings were for political expedience in a different time.

The following includes theory/opinion which may have contributed to the writings. A theory indeed, but one that deserves contempt for the stated libertarian theorist. The information  provides validation for the current inquisitions and scorn of Paul's reports.  Something took place with the writings and newsletter that was outright racist and against all that America is supposed to stand tall against. For those who are not alarmed by unadulterated racism, it is reported that some writings postulated that Jews (or Israel) may have been involved in the World Trace Center bombings of the early 1990s. Follow this...
.....But in the 1990s and 1980s, anti-government sentiment was much less mainstream. It seemed contained to the racist right-wing, people who supported militia movements, who obsessed over political correctness, who were suspicious of free-trade deals like NAFTA.
Murray Rothbard
Murray Rothbard, libertarian theorist
At that time a libertarian theorist, Murray Rothbard argued that libertarians ought to engage in "Outreach to the Rednecks" in order to insert their libertarian theories into the middle of the nation's political passions.
Rothbard had tremendous influence on Lew Rockwell, and the whole slice of the libertarian movement that adored Ron Paul.
But Rothbard and Rockwell never stuck with their alliances with angry white men on the far right. They have been willing to shift alliances from left to right and back again. Before this "outreach" to racists,  Rothbard aligned himself with anti-Vietnam war protestors in the 1960s. In the 2000s, after the "outreach" had failed, Rockwell complained bitterly about "Red-State fascists" who supported George Bush and his war. So much for the "Rednecks." The anti-government theories stay the same, the political strategy shifts in odd and extreme directions.
As crazy as it sounds, Ron Paul's newsletter writers may not have been sincerely racist at all. They actually thought appearing to be racist was a good political strategy in the 1990s. After that strategy yielded almost nothing - it was abandoned by Paul's admirers.
Read more:  (Same link as above, provided here only for sake of attribution)

"Outreach to the Rednecks", the linked article provides what appears as a detailed expose about the genesis of the Paul Newsletter horrors. The newsletters apparently generated great amounts of income for the Paul organization.

The Reason published in 2008....

Who Wrote Ron Paul's Newsletters?

Libertarian movement veterans, and a Paul campaign staffer, say it was "paleolibertarian" strategist Lew Rockwell

 &  | January 16, 2008

The publishing operation was lucrative. A tax document from June 1993—wrapping up the year in which the Political Report had published the "welfare checks" comment on the L.A. riots—reported an annual income of $940,000 for Ron Paul & Associates, listing four employees in Texas (Paul's family and Rockwell) and seven more employees around the country. If Paul didn't know who was writing his newsletters, he knew they were a crucial source of income and a successful tool for building his fundraising base for a political comeback.
Julian Sanchez and David Weigel of the Reason also wrote about Rothbard. You should take one guess who Sanchez and Weigel linked to Rothbardian libertarian/paleoconservativism.
....Rothbard pointed to David Duke and Joseph McCarthy as models for an "Outreach to the Rednecks," which would fashion a broad libertarian/paleoconservative coalition by targeting the disaffected working and middle classes. (Duke, a former Klansman, was discussed in strikingly similar terms in a 1990 Ron Paul Political Report.)
If Ron Paul is not careful with his drive for higher office (beyond "his district"), he will be seriously challenged about details that are starting to come forth about the writings.  I heard Sean Hannity(on the radio)  on the evening of the last GOP debate mention the racist newsletter; now that is a major problem Hannity/Fox News 'went there'. Paul says he did not write the trash. It is fairly apparent that he knows who wrote the racist and illogical material.  His followers serenade him as being detailed, steadfast, and intelligent. All are characteristics of one who would know how is organization earned $940,000. 

As candidate Paul comes close to  his turn in the campaign 'highlights', he should prepare for pending low lights. This issue will not simply go away.  As is always the casesomeone knows the truth

Herman Cain can most effectively testify to that roller-coaster ride. 

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