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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Boehner has American Oil company managers at SOTU Speech

Oil Sands

Do you want to read about a case of pure political theater and bullshit judgement from the Speaker of the House?  Please keep in mind that John Boehner is third in-line to the Presidency if tragedy befalls the president and the vice president. Third in line to ascend to the presidency, I repeat'

After watching the SOTU Speech last evening, I sought out a few headlines only to run upon another GOP theatric.   "Theatric" is the correct word if you consider how one publication introduced a Boehner ploy.
Huff post.....
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) announced ahead of President Barack Obama's State of the Union address that he will host oil executives and local leaders affected by the president’s rejection the Keystone XL pipeline, the latest attempt by House Republicans to punish Obama for failing to approve the controversial project.
"To punish," president Obama. Of course, the author of the article did not take sides in the Keystone Pipeline issue, but use of the word 'punish' as a verb (action) against "Obama" (fragmented subject in this case)
 is  almost  comical.  Yet, in this world of Dem. Vs. Repub., I suppose any  twist of the language with associated imagery is 'cool'.  But, is it really "cool"?

The GOP has been on the wrong side of just about every political issue that has come to national prominence.  They refused to support loans to the auto industry, they fought healthcare reform despite evidence of critical need (and good), they fought the debt ceiling increase (tragic to need an increase but common since Reagan), they fought extensions of unemployment payments while bargaining for the nation's rich, and they oppose the president even when he proposes legislation they have held dear in the past.  The latest "stage performance" relates to the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Mind you, this is a pipeline system from Canada to the Gulf Coast of the US of A that will deliver a tar sand derivatives to refineries. 

Apparently,  some refineries are sprinkled along a route the the heart of our nation. I have read that there is an alternate plan available to Trans Canada Corp.   Build a pipeline across Canada to facilitate delivery of oil to China.  Apparently, the people of Canada are not in favor of the "Gateway Pipeline".  Why should we have interest in a dangerous man-made structure through the Midwest?  A structure that will transport fossil fuel derivatives, through land that is referred to as tornado alley?  I have also read the Pipeline will have some spans of underground construction as well as above ground construction. Apparently, construction will reach the Wood River Conoco Oil refinery, but I am not certain if construction is above or below ground. It should be noted the refinery is near the city of St. Louis, MO. which sits less than 300 miles from the the epicenter of the New Madrid Fault (in the Missouri Boothill).  As with British Petroleum, "if the worse can happen, it will happen.'

Yet, I read the words "punish Obama."  Building the Keystone Pipeline could punish millions across the bread-belt of the nation and could ruin water tables for thousands of years.  One only has to recall BP and the Gulf of Mexico for a clear picture of the dangers associated with drilling and transporting oil.  Lest we forget comment from BP Executives after the Gulf spill, "this should not have happened." Subsequent investigation pointed fingers directly at companies like Haliburton, and Trans Ocean.  A couple of serious aversion spring to mind when I read the last sentence. Haliburton, for one and Trans (anything) the other.

The following article depicts but another case of the GOP siding with big business.  In this case, with the lying promises of jobs.

This issue will come front and center again, despite the president's lack of approval for bringing forth a  bill to authorize the Pipeline.  Here is a bit of information from an environmental group which opposes the Pipeline: Friends of the Earth.

I am certain the GOP and some Democrats are chopping at the bit to have the pipeline approved, and some of them are of noble mindsets. However, I question the veracity of their persistence.  We know why they are dogmatic against passing fair and balanced taxation to the nation's rich.  I posit similar motives behind the dogma associated with the keystone Pipeline. 

The GOP mantra  of "drill, baby, drill " is widely known although semi-retired (post BP Gulf Spill). So, their lust for any prospecting and delivery of oil is no surprise.  But, what makes them 'stubborn' enough to align another negotiation item up against extending the payroll tax?

The Guardian and other sources may have a finger on the pulse of the Pipeline.  The following  Guardian sub-headline lays-out a not so surprising, premise.
Study shows money flowing to oil lobby ahead of decision on tar sands pipeline in the November elections
A few examples of possible lobbying or Congress.
  • From Steven Pearce, the New Mexico Republican, who heads the list, receiving $370,000 in direct contributions from the oil and gas industry in the two years from July 2009-July 2011. "It is time to put the political games aside," the congressman said on his website last month. "We must all work together to ensure the culmination of projects, such as the Keystone pipeline." 
  • Bill Flores, a former oil company executive and a Republican from central Texas who received $266,184 in industry funds according to Maplight during the debate on the Keystone bill last July, has said: "If we do not tap this valuable resource, the Chinese or other countries will." 
  •  Dan Boren, an Oklahoma Democrat who received $201,800, said the pipeline would create "tens of thousands of new jobs" – claims that have been debunked by economists.

The Guardian also posted a large group Congressional Representatives who have received  contributions from Oil & Gas.

While the link is provided above, I am going to post it here again.  The link makes connections between very powerful GOP (Libertarian) supporters of the pipeline.  The names are very familiar. There is no surprise the libertarians mentioned in the OpenCongress article would favor much less federal government.

Since, I have written at least four articles on the topic, I will stop at this point. I hope your have checked out the links provided for a clear picture of why the GOP is so 'dogmatic" about the Keystone XL Pipeline.  If you desire to read a bit more,  type Keystone XL Pipeline into the search widget at the top right portion of this page.  You will find articles related to the topic.

Boehner brings oil company managers to the SOTU, to "punish" Obama.

I really wonder if President Obama feels, "punished"?

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