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Monday, January 9, 2012

Pat Buchanan: The face of modern-day racism out at MSNBC? UPDATE: OUSTED

UPDATE: January 9, 2012 Buchanan ousted at MSNBC See link at end of article

The face of modern-day racism

Many people complained to MSNBC about Pat Buchanan as a clear advocate for American Racism at its finest. I certainly sent a few email to the network and left a few  postings on certain network posting boards. The network's management team apparently 'hung-in' with Buchanan until it could take it no longer.  A telling milestone in Buchanan's in-your-face racism came with the publication of his latest book, "Suicide of a Superpower".   Huffington Post recently reported on the book and Buchanan noticeable absence from the MSNBC new shows.

Buchanan has been absent from MSNBC since late October, just after his latest book was released. The book, "Suicide of a Superpower," contained typically incendiary musings on race and immigration, and Buchanan even appeared on an openly "pro-white" radio show to promote it.
Buchanan was the subject of a detailed Media Matters article this past August.  The article relates to Buchanan's support from an underworld of racism and hatred by Internet sties and 'pro-white" radios shows.  It is a long article but it provides insight into a segment of the population  the nation had moved away from prior to the Reagan Years.  We must remember that Buchanan was a Reagan architect and he is a living vestige of all that was bad from the Reagan Administration. 

Most readers of this site are familiar with Buchanan noted debates MSNBC show host Rachel Maddow.  For those who are not familiar with the level and extent of Buchanan's racism, I have embedded two video.  The first video is the actual initial debate between Maddow and Buchanan.  The second video shows Maddow providing a fact check for Buchanan's horribly racist and unAmerican comments during the initial interview.

Maddow Buchanan I

Maddow on Buchanan

Those of us who regularly write about issues from the nation's political Right know that people who live Right of center are not big on use of facts.  In fact, all fact check sites seem to exist via the very existence of the GOP and conservative America.

MSNBC's President has indicated that he would be speaking with Buchanan and he will make the decision  regarding his future as a paid network pundit.  

Message to the MSNBC executive, "cut your strings with Buchanan, he does not provide credibility for your network and he is a visible spokesperson for a time in America when most look back with shame.


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