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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Haley Barbour: pardons criminals and runs off to a lobbying job in D.C.

Wanted? Exposed and admitted, Boss Hog conservative turned lobbyist!
There was a time when our airways and newscasts were full of comment about Haley Barbour, former Governor of Mississippi, as a prime prospect to run for the GOP nomination for president of the United States.   I will readily admit to a great deal of reticence as I contemplated any governor from Mississippi in a presidential race.  No disrespect to the State, but the state's political machine is, yet, another matter.  

My consternation about Barbour was re-enforced as Barbour charged through a period of "southern revisionism".  It takes a person who has serious mental deficiencies to go on national television and declare the following:

" was his (my)  generation (in his state) which instrumental in desegregating the University of Mississippi."

"..The white Citizens Council really was not bad for the citizens of Jackson MS."

Barbour's credibility and penchant for a lack of veracity have taken other lowly dips in the pool of partisan B/S.  What little credibility he has in my eyes took a dive along with the Stooge-like Herman Cain's slide into oblivion.

His credibility took another hit last year as he took up the cause of the obviously flawed Cain.  "...he could sweep the South".  Of course, if the GOP was foolish enough to allow Cain the nomination he would sweep the South. If the GOP nominated Jed Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies, Clampett would "sweep the South".  I wrote previously about Barbour's abilities in critical thinking including avoid of good judgment. Judgment in the context of throwing his wife and son into his GOP rhetoric.  But, of course, Cain was being accused of sexual harassment and an illicit affair,  maybe a Barbour endorsement on behalf of his wife was good for the Party.  

Barbour has 'tripled-down" regarding concerns for his mental abilities with his pardon of 215 prisoners from the Mississippi Prison system. Four of whom were convicted of murder.  One of the four had been denied a pardon a mere two weeks prior to Barbour most recent case of mental constipation.

Fox News secured an exclusive interview with Barbour.  I doubt he will appear on MSNBC and only very reluctantly on CNN.  He opted for the 'SAFE" forum.  Give it a watch.

Did he say, "experts say"?

As is always the case, media digs and finds a picture of incompetence, lies, manipulation and stupidity (Barbour).  The following CNN segment lays-out the scope of fiasco and danger associated with Barbour's ill-advised actions.  The released subject located by Martin Savidge is identified as consummate liar based on comments made on-camera about his deceased wife's death (by his own hands).

CNN Anderson Copper 360, "Did Barbour violate procedures"? (excuse the commercial)

The video stops short of the full broadcast that I saw late last evening. Savidge ended the interview with a clear statement about McCrary's lying about how he murdered  his  wife.  Savdige cites expert testimony about how the woman was shot in the back after McCracy left an establishment and returned with a gun.  

McCrary on being released.
McCrary's issued a comment during his interview with Savidge,   "I didn't do this. God did this," McCray said from a covered porch. "God touched Haley Barbour's heart."

Really?  If the Barbour's alleged expert information about  murderers is accurate, where does that leave McCrary's and his statements about the murder of his wife?  He said that his release was God's work.  OH?   If McCrary is lying about the murder and if you are a believer, does that not place the man as violator of a Commandment.

Isn't it getting a bit trite for everyone who gets what they want to declare God gave it to them!

My point in joining other publishers in commenting about the pardons is not to disparage the released criminals.  I am much more concerned about Barbour as one who was once trumpeted as a potential GOP presidential candidate. Now, my friends will comment, "....a why bother, you know how they are".  Yes, I know how they are, but some may not yet truly understand the shallowness and surface levels of cerebral processes of many on the Right.  If need a more illustrative validation of my assertion, follow this comment.

“Haley is so well respected in the party that he still remains a hugely powerful force,” said Alex Castellanos, a prominent Republican strategist in Washington. “He built the party that we have today from Reagan on, so there isn’t a better fund-raiser, a better organizational leader in the Republican Party.

Castellanos commented in relation to recent news that Barbour and his former Chief of Staff have signed lucrative contracts with a Washington law firm.  

Do I smell "lobbyist"?

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