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While conservative politicians (Gingrich), pundits, and propagandist speak Reagan's name almost as much as Rudy Gulliani says "9/11", I posit that Reagan actually leaves a legacy that will one day overtake his reputation as "Mr. Republican" [the father of modern day Republicanism and conservative thought]. History will grow away from his feel good mantra.The truth be told his record will stand among those who took the nation down a path of financial ruin. One notable Right-Wing mouthpiece recently (dated)  spoke of a desire to return to "Reagan Values". That same former (half-term) governor also recently said Reagan's roots (his backyard) and place of his birth: California. Well, he was born in Illinois; I should not expect better from that former (half-term) governor.

As I contemplated the Reagan Quondam View, I decided once again to secure views of some who considered Reagan's Administration as wrought with accomplishments.

In brief or summarized

Ronald Reagan's biggest accomplishment in presidency was to improve the self confidence that America had by strengthening the nation's economy.
The economic policies that Reagan started in 1981 are known as Reaganomics. (Some call it 'Trickle Down. If you think it works perform a Google search on Executive Compensation as compared to middle class employees. Or search for information related to how the wealthy spend their money. Hint; In either case..there does not seem to be a 'trickle'.)
The US administration had always been anti-communist. Reagan increasing defense spending and built up the military.
Reagan's presidency is often known as Reagan Revolution as it caused political re-alignment not just within the US, but also abroad. Many attribute the fall of the Iron Curtain to Ronald Reagan which shuttled in the end of the Cold War. This made the US the only super power in the world.
Although Ronald Reagan was plagued by the Iran-Contra affair in the second term of his presidency, it did nothing to reduce his approval ratings among the people. (Oops  how did that information get into the list of accomplishments? But, the major international breach of US integrity did not tarnish Mr. Republican's image at home.) When he left office after finishing his term, his approval rating stood at 64 percent.
Reagan reduced taxes.
     Reagan improved our national defense. 

I will leave this segment of the series with that set of accomplishments. I am certain other authors have lists of Reagan accomplishments, but I feel the linked author does a decent job of embodying the essence of "Reagan". 

 To be continued: Part II