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Monday, January 16, 2012

Ruppert Murdoch: A sad man with a sad cause!

Ruppert Murdoch continues to show just how far he is out of touch with reality.  

What we have here is a mogul who is but one-step away from culpability in his corporation's phone hacking scandals.  Yet, he rails about his support for SOPA.  I realize phone hacking and SOPA/PIPA are not 'look like a duck, quack like a duck' similar, however, he owns (owned) operations that violated the privacy rights of many people. His operations in the UK, may have 'spied' on 2795 people!  

Well, maybe, the issue is violations of intellectual property as it relates to corporations vs. the common privacy and respect for the human beings.  How about taking the case a step further? What about violations of human rights to privacy and decency for sake of outpacing the competition, thus out-earning the competition?

Of course, why would I expect that a media-mogul  to care about the integrity of the internet and our ability to freely interact from vast distances?  Murdoch is the perfect example of a mogul who would work with ALEC, to completely outlaw the internet. if not completely outlaw, I could see a Koch Brothers/Murdoch consortium focused on a China-like restricted internet, pass the model on to ALEC, for placing in the pockets of members of Congress.  Did I say "in the pockets of members of Congress"  Shame on me!  

If you think, my posit is off-base, show me one conservative who relishes an abundant of information from various schools of thought.  Can you imagine such a mogul with opportunity to force people into getting information only from his/her media outlets?

Huffington Post (Murdoch)

Studies show Fox New Viewers are 'less informed". Less informed means opportunity to manipulate and guide like worshipping sycophants.  Oh, would Murdoch love that scenario.

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