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Saturday, January 21, 2012

SOPA/PIPA How people killed the Unwanted! (Infographic)

Do you want to see a modern day equivalent to the famous, Coca-Cola Beverages fiasco with the introduction  of "NEW COKE'?  How about a fiasco similar to NetFlix's screw-up last year?  Hey, why not consider Washington Mutual's lustful gobbling-up of the Savings and Loan competition only to grow to the level of prime prey for bigger fish (on Wall Street)? I cannot leave the examples of 'leadership' ineptitude without mentioned the Bank Of America fiasco last summer with their announcement of intent to charge Debt Card holders a monthly fee.

It is well known that failed [1 %] leadership is disastrous to people [the 99%].  While our political Right charges out daily with 'shaky talking-points' about President Obama, we only have to look at the years 2007/2008 to see how leadership failed a nation. If you look back to the late 70's and early 80's you will find the seeds that came to full blossom under Bush W. UUUUM, who was president in the early to late 1980s? Oh boy!

Now, let's take one more look at how the US Congress with its historically low approval rating fell into the SOPA/PIPA  crevass.   You have to read this......

The visual..... (larger view)

by visually via

Fortunately, President Obama and his staff saw no future for SOPA/PIPA as developed in congress.  They made their opposition known, but they did not win the fight. Organizations with vested interests in maintaining a free access and open Internet, and you and me, won the fight...we fought!  

NEW COKE fell to protest.

BOF A backed-off Debt Card charges due to protest.

NETFLIX fell to protests.

SOPA/PIPA fell in a like manner!

Each person that made the decision to enact the measures that led to those failures are 1% leaders.

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