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Saturday, January 21, 2012

White House Taps into Social Media (VIDEO)

The internet has been banding together over the last few weeks to fight the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) and has just gained a very powerful ally — the White House!

The White House is showing it can be 'on its game'. of Huffington Post is reporting on how the White House will use social media in support of the president's State of the Union Speech this coming week.

Bendery writes.....

.........the White House on Friday unveiled a new web video and blog post mapping out all the ways people can use social media to engage directly with White House officials during the president's speech and in the days to follow.

White House senior adviser David Plouffe encourages people to watch Obama's Tuesday night speech on the White House website,, where there will be an "enhanced version" of the speech featuring details and graphs "that you won't find anywhere else." Immediately after the speech, the White House will live-stream a panel discussion featuring senior administration officials and a live audience taking questions from Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Since the link is furnished above, let me sum-up by saying, this strategy is brilliant.  For those who support the Administration (albeit with frowns in some cases) should help spread the word on these Internet Tools.  As you can imagine there is another reason to spread the word. We all just took part in a battle against legislation which could be used to restricted or censor the Internet.  If one Ruppert Murdoch is dogged in favor of the SOPA and PIPA Bills that in and of itself is enough to keep my opposition guard-up.. The availability of communication tools with the Administration is historic and seems an opportunity the Crafters of the Constitution would have be very fond.  Those men worked diligently to maintain an independent "press".  We have press "media" that no longer serves to simply inform. it is used for political battles, propaganda, or simply as a revenue opportunity on a 24/7 basis.

If you need an example, you need look no further than the inane and trite method of question posed to Newt Gingrich by an obviously conservative CNN's John KingThe question was given to Gingrich as the very first question in the last debate, and I suggest was given in such a manner as to facilitate Newt;'s standing ovation.  King and his producers had to know that Gingrich would sh out.  It is a shame the question was not saved for later in the debate and given in a manner that reflected on Newt's history of promiscuity vs. asking if he 'cared' to comment'.  

The Internet provides opportunity never before experienced in history. It could be the very tool that serves as a barrier against those in our nation who seem to relish regression to a not so 'pretty' past, those who are not for open communication, those who love the less informed hoards who watch Fox News, and the Internet provides opportunity to communicate outside the immediate purview of authoritarians. Can you imaigne Dick Cheney with opportunity to influence the Internet?

Kudos to the White House for using media which reaches many population groups which may be inclined   to use the tools.  It is a 'call-to-action" against a political party and ideology that would not mind seeing open access to information and opportunity for immediately interactions stifled.

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