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Thursday, February 9, 2012

CPAC opens conference with an avowed racist panel speaker !

Peter Brimelow
Peter Brimelow, the face of hatred... GOP CPAC Guest Speaker

News Nations Al Sharpton broadcast segment this afternoon about the 2012 version of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC )"gathering".  The segment opened with comment from Sharpton about the non-invitation of nationally known "conservative" Gay Rights group. Sharpton immediately segued to one very notable panelist speaker at the three-day "rhetoric" session.  Peter Brimelow, VDARE-White Nationalist, has a speaking role for a sub-group meeting. According to The Root website describers the sub-group session as follows.

He's set to speak at a CPAC event called "The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the pursuit of diversity is weakening the American Identity."
Interesting!  In the most ethnically diverse and culturally diverse nation on Earth, a white, immigrant, garners an audience on the first day of the  conservative 'rhetoric' conference.   I am reminded of my childhood days. Days, when battling with the guys, playing sports, or just plain bantering back and forth.  The one established norm was as follows. "...that is my position and I am defending it".   The true GOP is becoming more brazen about their social beliefs, values and mores (mor-eys). 

There is no more credible 'hate group or white supremacist' monitoring organization than the Southern Poverty Law Center.  The Law center has published a number of articles about Brimelow; I am linking (below) a couple links for reference.

I. Paleoconservatives' Decry Immigration (2003)

II.  Peter Brimelow
In His Own Words

"It's the immigration, stupid."

— On the reasons for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, 2001
"The other aspect of this rapid population growth is that it's very rapidly shifting the racial balance in the country — contrary to [Sen. Ted] Kennedy's assertion. In effect, the 1965 Act choked off immigration from the traditional sources of immigration to the U.S., namely Europe, and it allowed a small number of third world countries to capture the inflow, as I said. And, above all, Mexico. The Mexican government, the Mexican ruling class, appears to have simply made the decision to export its poor to the U.S."
— website, 2005
"The mass immigration so thoughtlessly triggered in 1965 risks making America an alien nation — not merely in the sense that the numbers of aliens in the nation are rising to levels last seen in the 19th century; not merely in the sense that America will become a freak among the world's nations because of the unprecedented demographic mutation it is inflicting on itself; [and] not merely in the sense that Americans themselves will become alien to each other, requiring an increasingly strained government to arbitrate between them."
— website, 2006
The following video segment from The Bill O'Reilly  Show is amazing. I do not view Bernard Goldberg as one who is truly open-minded on issues regarding diversity. But, for sake of his political party, he speaks frankly about today's GOP. If you have not already noticed, Brimelow is an Immigrant.  So, one can only assume that his contempt for immigration relates to people of color.  I have also read that he has issues with people of the Jewish faith and culture.

If people watch very carefully and diligently, one can easily see the direction of the socio./political Right.  Is there any doubt why we see so many racist, bigoted and intolerant exhibitions from America's conservative community?  Let there be little doubt, most conservatives are not minions and robotic like subjects to people like Brimelow, and for that matter Ron Paul. Let's also be clear there are far too many examples of bigotry and embracing of racism, with no condemning comment from those who lead the GOP. 

I wonder how the remainder of the CPAC will shake-out.

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