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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Daily GOP Ignominious


Last Friday the Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, released the January 2012 employment numbers. Unemployment had apparently eased down to 8.3 per cent from 8.5 per cent.  There should be no person in the western Hemisphere who should find fault in improving job numbers.  Actually, the 8.3% is just above the 7.8% jobless rate the day  President Obama was inaugurated as President of the United States of America.

Of course, we should have anticipated the perfunctory, "....not bad, but we can do better, he failed." from the GOP.  And, there should have been absolutely no surprise about how Fox News would produce their morning shows last Friday.  Durign the morning news shows, a friend monitored a few television news programs and we chatted about how each network  broadcast the ( just announced) job numbers.  After the early morning announcement around 10:00AM Eastern Time, Fox news eventually gave the job numbers a segment approximately 1.5 hours to two hours later that morning.

Ah, that little story in the last paragraph, is almost unbelievable, eh?  Well, how about a copy of the Facebook messages string? We started to compare notes about 10:15AM (ish) Eastern Time.

February 3
Subject A. This is unreal

Subject B. Time is running out. We can't wait until after the Nov. election to bomb Iran....

Subject A. WHAT!!!! WTF!!!!!!
Subject B.  Supposedly, that's what Israel is saying.

Subject A.  OH tks
Subject B.   Commercials again.A story on head injuries on young players.

Subject A.  I think these messages are times-stamped. I just find this unbelievable
Subject B.  Pornography on public computers at libraries

Subject A. Ooh no......

Subject B.  Absolutely nothing about the jobs report, the drop in the unemployment rate, or the President's speech. I guess saying anything about it would help him.

Subject A. ok tks gonna use this steppin out for a few

(Subject A. moves away, Subject B continues to monitor)
Suject B.  I'll keep updating. Feel free to ignore. Nevada Caucus. Ticker has istore products being removed.
Subject B. FL man adopts his girlfriend to try to  (SEE Facebook TIME STAMP at end of string: FB FONT) protect his assets.

Jobs...12:45 pm they showed the drop in the unemployment rate.

Muck Business Booming in NYC, 100,000 jobs. 11:40am

If we follow the illogical musings of Fox News, each of the following blue lines (below) should be suspect. Or, is it the numbers are getting just too close for comfort according to the Fox News agenda?

(The chart is interactive)

Maybe, Just Maybe, Fox News waited for their internal 'spinmeisters' to come-up with their contribution to the good news.  Fox News asserted the numbers were probably doctored.  Well, the numbers may be off as they have been for many months back; well into 2011.  They are often adjusted to show a better employment picture than is published by BLS towards the beginning of each month.

Let's take a quick look at Ruppert Murdoch's, Roger Ailes managed, news operation in full bloom.

I offer a brief tickler.
On Friday, ThinkProgress noted that Fox News appeared to be systematically ignoring the strong jobs report that day, perhaps in an effort to avoid giving President Obama any credit. The network mentioned the jobs numbers half as often as some of their competitors, and buried the big news on their website, but on Fox and Friends today, the network went a step further.
Read more ThinkProgress on Fox News....

How horrible is life (in Fox Nations be to first seek to avoid the job numbers and then to come-up with a child-like fantasy about doctored numbers. If you really want a perspective on the 'horror', think of how Fox News has no respect for the intelligence of many of its viewers. The model is obviously let's spin-it, twist it, manufacture it, or just make it up. In either case, out viewers are buying it!

I mentioned the job numbers may very well be off. Well, Ezra Klein and the WONKBLOG has addressed that a reality.  Jobs Reports have a back story that most do not know!  Fox, of course, uses the word "doctored", as loosely as Fox News edits and doctors video tape. 

The guilty know best the arts and crafts of their crimes.

....and the Band Marches On.....

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