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Friday, February 24, 2012

GOP: Insanity Rules......

GOP 'crusades' against the nation's Affordable Care Act, draws more revealing insight into the potential horrors of a political part run a muck.    The Virginia Governor's failed efforts to force psychical intrusion of a Women genitals in pregnancy cases, has turned into a Jim Demint level 'Waterloo'.

I have not written much on this topic as it is widely covered and it really is an embarrassing example of GOP authoritarianism, chauvinism, and pure obstructionism.  

Most of you watch news coverage on MSNBC, so you may have seen the two video news segments embedded below. for those of you who spend time watching Fox News (havens no) or CNN, you really should watch the video. The segments provide deep insight into just how far the GOP has backed itself into a corner.

First Chris Matthews, Hardball segment related to the State of Virginia's efforts to lead force women into a form of servitude (comparable to a male dominated behavior common to the institution of slavery).. Both video appear same on introduction but each reveals different visual exhibitions and commentary. 

Next, Al Sharpton's Politics Nation segment specifically related to Virginia's retrenchment on the proposed bill.

Governor McDonnell is the latest example of typical Tea Party elected officials and he is a glaring example of progressive voter apathy in general elections. Voters across the nation fell for the tightly woven GOP, Karl Rove, the GOP dogma has oozed across every State in which the GOP took majority seats.

The crusade continues. But, as history has taught those who learn lessons from the past, crusades fail and fail miserably.  We are witnessing successful efforts to combat a 'crusading' political party base don the efforts of people who refuse to succumb to what amounts to totalitarianism.

Virginia  has learned the every same lesson as Wisconsin voters, and Ohio voters.   Let's also not forget about lessons learned in southern agricultural states which adopted GOP ill-advised and autocratic immigration laws.  Those state legislators are now suffering a collective 'butt-pucker" based on billions in agriculture losses.  

final questions. do we really want to turn the Executive Branch of Our Federal Government over to the GOP?

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