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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Anonymous Operation Blitzkrieg, Ron Paul, and hate groups

A Trojan Horse for the extreme Right and a model for the gullible!

Earlier this week I reported on a Huffing Post-TECH article about the "Hacktivist" group Anonymous. I readily admit to being outside of the scope of knowing that some refer to the group as "Hacktivist".  The moniker is very fitting. For my purpose, I prefer the term "Guardian Hacktivist."   

Many progressive writers and speakers have communicated about the 'closet' racism of one Ron Paul (R) Texas.   The Progressive Influence articles about Paul are read more than any one article posted on this site since its inception.  Ron Paul is a shady character who obviously has an affinity for , and an affinity to, all anti-human rights and anti-civil rights movements. He speaks of Martim Luther King, he speaks of liberty, and he speaks of freedom, yet he cohorts with the worse in our society.

The path Paul follows is one our nation evolved from over 50 years ago.  He certainly is stuck in that era.  Paul has been photographed with former leaders of the Ku Klux Klan, racist web site web developers of heinously racist web sites, and he has been endorsed by the like of David Duke, former Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon. One only has to listen to rand Paul (his Rachel Maddow interview) to see and hear that the younger Paul was raised in a home filled with, frankly, bigotry as a minimum.  My effort to be sensitive by avoiding use of the words racist household, is out of respect for Mrs. Paul of whom I know nothing.

The latest episode of Anonymous (action Hero) hacktivist actions are being focused on  the American Nazi Party.  After the hacking and disruption of US Government systems, as well as movie industry and record industry systems (in protest t against SOPA/PIPA and allegedly the MegaUpload raid) something interesting happened.  I saw an interview in which a person spoke about the hope that Anonymous and like groups could one day help with cyber attacks from hostile nations.  Ah, maybe far too premature for that action from Anonymous, but their work against the American Nazi Party is about as noble as I can conjecture in my mind. has published an article about the Anonymous war on our nation's most unsavory and anarchist hate groups. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on one's perspective, Ron Paul is right in the midst of the most recent revelations.

On Tuesday, Anonymous enthusiasts hacked and defaced the website of American Third Position (A3P),  a major US-based white supremacist network. 

Anonymous via the link emblem above reports documents "liberated" from the Tuesday raid, " that “Ron Paul has regularly met with many A3P members, even engaging in conference calls with their board of directors.”   You and I both know that one does not interact with a board of directors unless one is highly thought of, an ambassador, or receives some form of support from the (specific) board. Either scenario is damning for Dr. Paul (as some like to call him).  

Apparently Anonymous has unleashed and "Operation Blitzkerg" against white supremacist groups and the American Nazi party. 

Operation Blitzkrieg (#OpBlitzkrieg).  On Sunday, as part of Operation Blitzkrieg, hacktivists associated with Anonymous hacked and defaced the web page belonging to the American Nazi Party.

The linked Twitter thread is intriguing.  The thread reminds of an operations report between operating units on a battle field.

After an introduction to one group hacked by Anonymous (A3P), posted the following message from Operation Blitzkrieg.

Anonymous hacktivists announcing the successful operation against American Third Position:
American Third Position Hacked and Destroyed; Private Emails Expose Blatant Racism and Ties to Ron Paul
Fellow anons: we are pleased to bring you the dismantling of a major US-based white supremacist network known as the "American Third Position"(A3P). These racist losers have chapters across the US, operate several white power websites, forums and online stores, and are even running a candidate in the 2012 elections. Although they try hard to maintain a professional public image to camouflage their vile racism, we're now airing all their dirty laundry all over the Internet. Contained in this major dump are several thousand private forum messages, personal emails, internal organization notes, names, phone numbers, home addresses and other information on all of their members and supporters. It’s time for these cowardly suit and tie white supremacists to sleep with one eye open. Scared much?
In addition to finding the usual racist rants and interactions with other white power groups, we also found a disturbingly high amount of members who are also involved in campaigning for Ron Paul. According to these messages, Ron Paul has regularly met with many A3P members, even engaging in conference calls with their board of directors. Ron Paul's racist politics and affiliations are already well known, being viciously anti-immigrant, anti-abortion and against gay marriage -- not to mention having authored the racist "Ron Paul Papers" and receiving financial support from other white power groups (pictured with Don Black from Hard to believe Ron Paul draws some support from the left and the occupation movements, especially now that it is confirmed Ron Paul hangs out with straight up racist hate groups.
We put extra effort in ruining the life of A3P webmaster Jamie Kelso. On top of being on the board of directors of A3P, former $cientologist, and high ranking Ron Paul organizer, he also is the account owner of german nazi forums and store, We went ahead and wiped those websites off the internet as well, dumping private messages and order information. Aside from us releasing his information such as his social security number, address, resume and private discussions, we also heard some folks went on a joyride with Kelso's credit card and made some lulzy purchases, including sex toy purchases and making donations to the Anti Defamation League and many others. Oops.
We call upon not only other antifascists but all those opposed to white supremacy to utilize this information and make hell for these white nationalist scumbags. It is essential if we wish to live in a world free from oppression to expose and confront racists at their jobs, their schools, at their homes and in the streets.
No Dialogue! No sympathy! Destroy White Supremacy!

One extremist group mentioned in the message posted a couple of articles about Paul; they were posted with reference to the author as a 'NEGROID".

As noted in the announcement, Ron Paul has a documented history of associating with and promoting white supremacist ideology. In the 1980's and 1990's Paul published a series of newsletters written in the first person and published under his name that contained explicit racist, homophobic and antisemitic sentiment. 

The New Republic article linked above provides a category and chronological breakdown of the horrors of the Ron Paul "close."  There was a time when politicians like Paul were much more upfront about their beliefs and ideals, and yes their hatred of people.  Paul remains as old school as life 1950 /1960s back through hundreds of years of US history. He attempts to hide his social persona much like the olden days Ku Klux Klan hid themselves behind hoods and masks.

Ron Paul?  Should come out of the 'closet', admit his support groups and live like those with which he associates.  Then and only then it will be interesting to see if his very young and energetic sycophants continue to worship. Even if elected President Paul could never legalize pot or heroin, He will never be able to bring every military troop to our boards, and he would have major problems disbanding the very agencies of which he shows so much contempt. 

Anonymous and Operation Blitzkrieg? In my opinion, their efforts are as noble as any I have seen in many years of reading about hate groups. It is hard for me to find fault in their mission, when the mission reaches to right the wrongs that seem to be growing as we move into the 21st Century.

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