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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Dismantling of an Opportunist (VIDEO)

Issues that reach into that uncomfortable world of race relations are not well-read on this blog.  I can understand that dynamic as our history of slavery, race relations, and backlash against efforts to discuss or right the wrongs of the past is actually a no-win proposition for those who foray into the 'uncomfort' zone.

No one likes to re-hash, or even, remember a soiled past. Fewer relish the thought of reliving a past which might have included disdain for people unlike one's self, or contempt for people who are "the other". If we need a more overshadowing taboo, how about people who have grown away from taught bias, and prejudice of their parents or guardians? There-in lies factual foundation where all bias emanates and  is nourished.

As we attempt to avoid issues of race and race relations, we often find instances that force the issues to the surface. The killing of young Trayvon Martin is a classic example. We have sat now for three fulls weeks with knowledge of a murder that took place February, 26th.  The murder is especially noteworthy as it involves many issues plucked right from our existential world: race, guns, bias, generalizations, and crime. As you know, no one has spent a amount in jail, at a hearing, or no one has been released with a future court appearance date.

Issues related to law enforcement will eventually work to a conclusion. Either the murderer will be arrested, released and tried for his act, or he will be exonerated possibly without ever being arrested.  In either case, it is tragic, really.

My interest in this piece is the obvious efforts by one Joe Oliver, alleged and self proclaimed, friend of the murderer of young Trayvon Martin.  Oliver has indicated on every television network that will give him a seat and camera time that his interest in speaking out on behalf of Zimmerman is to refute the prospect that race played a part in the murder. Some networks are allowing Oliver to pull-off his mission without seriously contesting his comments, nor are some actually even questioning Oliver in an attempt to ascertain veracity in presentations.  And, yes, Oliver is about the business of presentation. In softer words, true journalist probe, question and recheck for accuracy.  Top of the line journalist and news shows, use research teams to dig into the background of their  (on-air) guest, when such actions help present facts vs. emotional laced propaganda, innuendo, or, frankly, lies.  On the other hand, and right along with the last sentence, other networks allow guest like Oliver to make claims, and state points for which he has no basis.

How about how Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC, Charles Blow, NY Times, and Jonathan Capeheart, and a Martin family lawyer, her name escapes me), interviewed Joe Oliver.  After the video , I am going to posit a bit on Mr. Oliver.

Joe Oliver should be given a couple of kudos for appearing on The Last Word.  He had to know he would not receive a softball interview. I do not, however, suspect he realized the extent, depth,and scope of his challenge.  While, I almost felt for Oliver, my emotions stopped shy of a mental connection to the stark reality of, he has skated through many interviews on the 'seeming' false premise that he can speak definitive about Zimmerman's inner self.

Oliver seems well versed and comfortable in appearing on camera. He is well- spoken and possess the outward appearance of an intellectually gifted person.  He falls into the much when probed as to motive for being so outspoken about a matter of which does not have firsthand knowledge.  He seemed a bit taken back once O'Donnell revealed research into his past.  He even mentioned on-air something to the affect of since you have a past work connection. He stated that in a manner indicative of one who was not intending to be open about a past working relationship with Zimmermann. Oliver also failed miserably in addressing how he places so much faith in Zimmermann's claims of a broken nose.  I also found it intriguing, Oliver's continued claim of an altercation without acknowledgement of his "buddy's" culpability in starting the fracas.   Again, I thought the MSNBC panel was rough on Oliver, but their method of interview brought to light a few facts about Oliver that no other network uncovered. They uncovered he really does not know Zimmermann as well as he claims. Of even more importance and for the first time, Oliver stated the he has not heard the "fuckin coons" comment in that manner and in his chosen manner (of hearing)  of " fucking goons".  How shallow an argument of "fuckin goons" without taking the two word separately and dissecting with intent of the phraseology. Why connect "fuckin" with a term of  "goons".  He indicates a daughter's comment about a term that some relish (the word goons) in her high school. OK, then connect that inflammatory curse-word "fuckin" and the phraseology becomes completely in congruent. I assume Oliver is not insane.  When one connects two complete diverse words such as "fuckin goons" (If 'goons' is perceived or used as Oliver claims) thus creating oral congruence, the person might need a bit of on  'couch' consulting with a psychiatrist.

Mr. Oliver, in summary, and in my opinion, has one motive. He is in this charade for profit. There is something about Oliver's quest that reaches beyond an effort to honestly portray the intent of Zimmermann, or should I say falls outside the realm of believable regarding his claims the incident was not racially motivated. In fact, he  fails to adequately speak to the very fact that Zimmeramann's attention was drawn to Mr. Martin based on a suspicion that does reach into the realm of race. I suggest he is seeking opportunity to earn money. He could be a camera hound who is relishing in the spotlight as an advocate for people who care less about a fair investigation into the killing, but I doubt he would leave a job for that purpose. Could he seek a book deal?  If he sold 300,000 copies at $10.00 per the math. Since O'Donnell revealed he was a former reporter for CNN (I assume that was accurate), is he seeking employment at 'you know' where?  Or, is he simply relishing in his frequent television appearances.  I discredit the latter, he has a motive and that motive will come out in the near future.

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