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Monday, April 23, 2012

60 Minutes reminds of On Yom HaShoah, Remember

Never Forget!
Seventeen million people slaughtered by a totalitarian fascist regime called the Third Reich.  60 Minutes recently broadcast a segment about Nazi archiving of their holocaust victims.  It is important to note many of Hitler's victims were slave laborers. And, of course, we know the fates of the slaughtered millions from France through Russia.

If you can fathom the extent of Nazi record keeping, you probably cannot get your brain around the Scott Pelley report  (segment) linked below.

60 Minutes: Hitler's Secret Archive.

60 Minutes Daniel Schorn  (2006/2007):  Revisiting the Horrors of the Holocaust

The Progressive Influence screed in remembrance of the Holocaust  (April 19, 2012):  The Progressive Influence: On Yom HaShoah, Remember 

Someone once stated, "If we forget our past, we are doomed to relive it."  
We must remember that authoritarianism can be a prelude to totalitarianism.

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