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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Reince Priebus RNC Chair

Is everything OK, Reince?

Since Micheal Steele was replaced as RNC Chair, I have been astonished at the person who replaced Steele. Now, let me say that Steel's injection into the RNC Chair position was based on the election of the nation's first African-American president.   So there is a name for such a role, but I will refrains from its use, as the GOP also saddle the nation with the "Frankenstein' Monster:  Sarah Palin. That is what the GOP is about. There is nothing, absolutely nothing below the surface in the GOP.  While Steele initially ran about playing some sort of, "I am a cool soul-brother act" replete with colloquialisms, stereotypes and references to wearing his cap backwards, Palin just ran about like a blind dumb bull. Both helped to lower the esteem of the dissolving GOP.  After Steele failed in his assignment. He failed to to capture attention from and stand-tall against President Obama, failed to provide  competent leadership to the RNC, and generally made a fool of himself in all of the precious, he fell out of favor. 

Well, I thought Steele and Palin were bad.  I should have learned years ago, never take a deep breathe thinking you have managed to weather a storm; often another storm follows. The next storm hit with election of Reince Priebus, RNC Chair post Michael Steele.  

Let me state a premise.  Reince Priebus is either not a smart person, or he is one who is so focused on obstructionism and advancing the GOP agenda, he comes across as somewhat childlike.  Allow me to offer an example.  

During a recent interview with A CNN host, Priebus completely ignores the interview questions and launches on his usual diatribes of talking points.  I am little amazed that Priebus so forcefully lashed out at the host. I wonder if it is because host is a woman. "I am just saying".

A midst the video segment:

Host:  (30 second mark)...can you just say that President Obama's economic plan has been a failure."  Take note of how Priebus opens his remarks. It is impossible to find another GOP/RNC executive who has such little management of his capacities to start an answer accordingly. It is almost crass.  

Priebus: (34 second mark ) the reality is the American people don't feel better-off than they felt three or four years ago.  

Host: (41  to  56 second mark) As far as the Mitt Romney economic plan what one thing will do do to completely turn the economy around, that will make that unemployment rate go down, what one thing will he do? 

Priebus: (runs through a plethora of talking-points. He did not address any comment related to Mitt Romney as asked by the host who knows (as do you and me Romney is the 2012 GOP candidate.)  I am not going to list the talking points because they have not changed since Priebus first assume the Chair role.  The points are there for your viewing and listening if you like.   The problem is, he was not going to speak to 'one thing', first because there is not one thing any president do to immediately and completely turn around the US economy.  

Priebus goes on to rub his "offense is the best defense' in the face of the host and show non-verbal angst when she challenges his verbal barrage of talking-points. (1:23  minutes in to the interview).
He eventually responds as follows. He says in essence, any GOP president will do the following.

1. Sign the Paul Ryan budget plan.  An economic disaster that slashes Human Services Discretionary Spending while not addressing 48% of  US Discretionary spending goes towards military spending.  The Ryan Plan takes a compete hands-off of that 48 percent of spending, as if there is no waste and no sacrifice available in that arena. 

The plan also does not include tax hikes for the nation's wealthy.

2. Get our Social Security, Medicare and Entitlements under control.....  While we all know that Medicare is a drain on the nation's economy, I fail to see how cutting those programs or changing the eligibility for those programs, or forcing our elderly to vie on the open healthcare market with a VOUHCER, will provide long-term fixes for the economy. Notice, he still did not mention 48 % of Discretionary Spending on our military.

3. Reducing the "BURDEN" and taxation on small businesses.  AH, now that sounds very noble of the GOP, but the Ryan Plan also includes increased taxation of people in lower income brackets, while providing as mush as $150,000 in taxes savings from the very wealthy.  While most small business do not provide million dollar earning levels for owners, many small business owners d , factually, live in the 1% income level.  So, make their tax "burden" better, OK!

4. An energy policy that makes more sense, so people are not paying 4 and 5 dollars per gallon..... Priebus joins all other conservatives in the false premise  President Obama has major impact on gasoline prices.  He ignores the wealth of information available related to spiked gasoline prices.  He, in fact, ignores the impact of 'speculators' on gasoline process.  His House Leader Cantor, and the vast majority of Republicans, have spoken out in support of speculation (against Dodd-Frank and other regulatory measures).  

From the 1:23 minutes mark through the 2:16 end of interview segment, Priebus fired-off four common talking points, with absolutely no substance.  It is hard to imagine anything talking-point he offered would have impact on "Complete turn-around' of the economy.  

Of course, the video follows.  I will admit one area in which I was very remiss.  I spoke about 'substance'.  I did so despite comment early in this piece about a lack of substance in the GOP.  Priebus is the victim of his party as was the stumbling and embarrassing Sarah Palin throughout the fall of 2008. The word "substance" in reference to the GOP is an oxymoron.

The CNN interview

As you know Priebus sat for an interview with Bloomberg news within the past week.  After watching the RNC Chair in the Bloomberg interview, I have come away with the opinion there is something cognitively off- center. 

I submit the following link to a Rachel Maddow assessment and commentary about Priebus and his caterpillar analogies.  If you do not view the entire segment, please sit long enough to view Priebus' response to the interviewer.   WOW!

What about his thinking processes? This guy is the RNC Chair!

Maddow on Priebus

...... And the Band Plays On......

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