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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Lament for Trayvon of the hundreds ofd thousands

The cleaned up killer w/o 

Cross posted from a Facebook comment.  There are various opinions on this incident. Most commentary indicates white vs. black, but most writers are not referencing the millions who actually believe a miscarriage of justice is being perpetrated.  If fact, I suspect the writer of this Facebook entry is commenting on the side of, why do we tolerate such injustice". I know the writer well enough to know, she has absorbed enough information to know, Zimmerman did profile martin.  Now, the issue becomes less contrasting black and white, until you ask yourself, why the profiling. 

Can you imagine the Rodney King Incident without that one man;'s hand-held video camera. It would never have come to light as it unfolded before our eyes and in the courts.

As the evidence mounts!

Trayvon Martin.........can I say this name enough? I have been watching the news cycles and the conversations have been bordering on absurd. Mr. Zimmerman's family has been out talking about "his side" of the story, however the truth, is NOT a part of their conversation. Right wing media, is somehow deaf to the facts of the case and while we do NOT have all of the facts as yet, it is clear that this was a racially motivated HATE crime! 

George Zimmerman, while being Hispanic, is classified as WHITE. Being Hispanic is not a race and according to the census bureau, is classified as white. I believe that white "folks" are missing a point here. Trayvon, was profiled, it is clear on the 911 tapes. Zimmmerman was stalking this boy, carrying his new 9 millimeter and looking for a "reason" to use it. It was the Perfect Storm of conditions, a racist meeting and unarmed, "suspicious" character. Fueled by racism and FEAR, he shot and killed a child.  
There is a history of this in our country, a sad and disgusting history of racism and bigotry. While we absolutely MUST wait for the arrest, the facts of this case to emerge and be seen in the light of day, the broader point to this tragedy is a conversation. For all of us to open our eyes and see this for what is IS, a HATE crime. Let us teach our children better, to give ourselves the "TALK" and to accept our responsibility in this tragedy. 
As a white person, I am ashamed. More than this, I am appalled at what our country has come to but I am hopeful that what we come to, we will go through and come out the other side better than when we went in. Let us GROW! Let us KNOW! Let us be responsible for our part in the death of Trayvon Martin. Blessed BE.
Continues after a few comments..... 
 How blind our country is, the white folks just let this pass by without its due. The question; WHAT IF IT WERE A WHITE CHILD AND BLACK SHOOTER? I have to say that the conversation would be never ending! The Right seems to think there is no problem, Zimmerman is not getting the benefit of "innocent until proven guilty", they miss the point again, ARREST IS THE NEXT 

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