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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Romney and Ted Nugent: Class!

Romney gleefully accepted his endorsement!

The nation's most noted racist (OLD) rocker, spewed venom to an audience that loved every word.  They relished every word even when the words were 'shoot', 'criminal' and similar words.

Nothing personal but if the audience is very much like those people standing within eye view of the camera, I am not surprised by the hatred.

Mitt Romney has not, himself, rejected the comments.  He, in fact, has accepted a loud and pronounced endorsement from Nugent as he struggled with Santorum and other GOP candidates.  It is also shameful the nation has people who find Nugent a spokesperson for their social beliefs. I did not mention political beliefs because Nugent like Limbaugh do not have the mental capacity for cogent discussion political matters. They resort to pure hatred, often laced with vulgar and racist remarks.

Nugent stumps for Romney 

The following links were taken from a web page that includes gleeful comments at this very sick man's on-stage antics.

Nugent and pure vulgarity 

Nugent and pure vulgarity II 

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