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Thursday, May 10, 2012

CNN shares exclusivity with Fox Newss

If CNN were truly 'middle of the three and balanced, why employ a far right-wing personality?

If media employs people who align themselves with US Tea Party inciters, the network should have to answer a few questions. One such questions is, "How thoroughly do you investigate or query (continue to vet) your broadcast personalities before hire, and do you periodically revisit their affiliations after hire?" 
MediaMatters recently reported on possible affiliation of an special CNN reported Dana Loesch. 

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is receiving extra security after an activist in Missouri, Scott Boston, said, "We have to kill the Claire Bear." But in defending Boston, CNN contributor Dana Loesch failed to mention that she co-founded a conservative activist group with him. 

From the Post-Dispatch:At an event Thursday in Springfield, Mo., Scott Boston, a St. Louis area activist who has been involved with the Tea Party, told the crowd "we have to get Claire McCaskill out." 
"We have to kill the Claire Bear ladies and gentlemen," Boston said. "She walks around like she's some sort of Rainbow Brite Care Bear or something but really she's an evil monster." 
The comment was seen as ominous enough to prompt the U.S. Capitol Police to seek extra protection for the Missouri Democrat. Police in Kirkwood (Missouri), where McCaskill lives, confirm they were asked by the Capitol security agency to perform stepped up patrols around her house. 
McCaskill has also had extra security tailing her at public appearances.

While Loesch wrote about the FBI visit to Boston's home, she has never spoken or written about her affiliations with Boston.  Credible reporters and pundits have been known to state their associations (past or present) with people on which they are reporting.  The Loesch article clearly written from the perspective of a far-right Tea Party sympathizer, should have included a "notation or disclaimer" regrading her affiliations with Boston. Failure to do so, places the article in the "propaganda" throw-away file. Throw-away for people who want honest, fair and balanced reporting.  The article may have been read to completion with a better perspective of the writer had such a notation adjoined the work.   Perspective is important for people who are not locked in ideology whether Left or Right. For those of us who are, frankly, locked into ideology Loecsh's piece simply validates the callousness and insensitivity that seems to ooze from Far-right pundits and media.

The Loecsh Big Government article linked.

Loesch has other issues that fall into the realm of support for violence against people who do not share her views. While she carefully avoids direct innuendo or comment related to violence, her work seems to indicate clear sympathy for the psychopaths who speak the words or she provides twisted rationalizations for people who possibly incite violence.


New York magazine Dot Com published the following article on April 17, 2012.
This Conversation Between Ted Nugent and Dana Loesch Will Melt Your Brain by 
 We're not sure how else to take this remark from the nutjob guitarist and Romney-endorser: "If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will be either be dead or in jail by this time next year."

Of course, we live in a nation with freedom of speech as a Constitutional Right (US Constitution Amendment One) against infringement from the federal government, we have evolved to a conferred state of free speech universally" People can say what they wash".  Loesch's defense of what appear as a form of hate speech carries dangers of which we have seen far too much in US History.  As I have commented recently about the shooting of Congress Woman Clifford and, a member of her staff and by-standers, I will not revisit the madman who pulled the trigger. Loesch's work with Ted Nugent is a classic example of running interference (excuse the American football phrase) for one who might have sycophant followers who react to the subliminal messages from their 'Pied Pipers".

You say, "Well MSNBC does similarly in their support of the Democrats, Progressives, liberals and the President." Of course, and if you read above the distinction here relates to 'rebellion'.  I recall few times the word has been used on MSNBC; it may have been used to categorize a level of angst against the Koch Brother's stooge: Scott Walker (R) WI.  Can any share information, a clip, or a link that navigates to MSNBC Host facilitating "Killing, Arming, cutting their necks off"?

CNN should sever its employment relationship with the likes of Loesch as effectively as they rid themselves of Lou Dobbs.

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