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Friday, May 4, 2012

Poll data shows 97% to 1% African-American Support for Obama

"Blah People"??? Some resent the recent poll showing 97% of black respondents support Obama, and some simply hate the poll results.  They do not even think of why?

The following paragraphs were embedded in a very detailed Washington Post article about how President Obama's poll ratings in Virginia has risen.  After the Virginia Legislature and Governor  McDonalds' attack on the women of their state, the rise in Obama's poll numbers is no surprise.   I predict poll numbers in other states will show a numerical rise for the incumbent Democrat.  The fact that women have issue with GOP authoritarianism should surprise no one; well the GOP may suffer a surprise.  Authoritarians are like that. 

Another intriguing piece of data from the polls relate to African-American support for the president.

Chris Cilizza via Facebook in a pleasant moment of "flip",  
"A Most amazing data point in WaPo VA poll: Among African Americans, Obama is leading Romney 97%-1%."
Cilizza relates to the following article from the Washington Post.

 Ben Pershing and Jon Cohen,  Washington Post, Thursday, May 3, 3:56 PM.
By a whopping 97 to 1 percent, Obama thumps Romney among black voters, and he has a wide lead among women: 56 to 38 percent. Obama’s up by better than a 2 -to-1 margin among those ages 18 to 29, but he faces a challenge among that group in the coming months. Many of them — 34 percent in this poll — are not registered to vote at their current addresses. 
As I click to visit the Washington Post link offered by Cilizza, I did so with little surprise about the overwhelming 97% support in the polled black community.   I suspect the actual support level is far shy of the reported 97% of the aggregate African-American populace. The article also states  34% of the 18-29 African-American age group could be subject to voter registration issues.

The 97% figure, while no surprise to me, drew the usual suspect of 'haters' who find fault with such high level of support from a voting black; especially a black voting block.  Take a read of a few comments with names removed.

Exhibit I.

There are simply too many intelligent people in Virginia to allow this monstrous character, Barack Hussein Obama, to win the state.   

Let's revisit the poll after Marco Rubio becomes Romney's VP. If the Post asks honest, unbiased questions and selects a truly representative sample, there is no possible way Virginia will go to the extreme, destructive Left. 
Comment:  This remark reminds me of an AOL message board comment just before the 2008 Election.  ".....white people will never elect a black as president".  Yes, and it was not a surprise in any sense.  This comment mentions Rubio. Just as was the case of the turkey shooting front runners from Bachamnn through Cain, through Gingrich to Santorum, they hope for 'a knight in shining armor" and they got Romney.  The commenter has no regard for Rubio's inexperienced mistakes regarding campaign financing and his comments for which he has apologized.

Exhibit II.
Chris, to speak to the subject of this post as you see it..."Among African Americans, Obama is leading Romney 97%" That tells me Blacks (not all of them are African) vote based on race, which if White voters did would constitute racism!
Comment: A typically republican or conservative case of regressionist 'white privilege'. This writer cares not that black people have voted for white candidates for as long as black people have been legislatively allowed to vote. It makes no difference to the writer that a group of people can find reason to vote just as he/she has voted since they were old enough to vote.  The writer also uses the word 'racism' when in actuality the black voters may have strong bias toward a candidate who they can rest assured will govern the with less subjective regard to race.  Additionally, the writer's inner psyche is so rooted in 'white privilege' he/she cannot accept the GOP offer voluminous reasons for that voting block to show aversion.  The least of which is the current strategic efforts at voter suppression.
Exhibit III.
" Of course!! But a majority of whites do too!!   
 Response from same commenter as above.
"....if that were true would Obama be president?
 "Blacks are voting as a block, 97%. Whites must be splitting their vote and then at least more than 10% MORE are voting NOT based on race in order for Obama to win. (as Blacks (not all are African) comprise about 10% of the population).

The writer also takes exception to a response indicating whites have voted in such a manner for centuries. the 'hater' quickly responds related to the 2008 Election.  Rather than work with his party in rooting out the evils regarding people of color and authoritarianism towards women,  he/she pursues the Internet for opportunity to 'wish whites would vote more as a block'.

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