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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The American Voter and a GOP on Steroids


The webpage is the place to go for political geeks who lean Left.  When I want to refresh my batteries after growing tired of all of the 'silly' and nonsensical stuff inherent in US politics Circa 2012, I visit the site. After even a brief visit, I am reminded that the fight is worth the energy, frustration and, at times, busy work. The webpage authors recognize the value of seeking information from sources that use data as a basis for its positions. Those sources also add graphics to messages for visual impact. 

When a graphic message hits the brain many mental processes are eliminated and the message soaks in much more easily and thoroughly. Personally such mental shortcuts are imperative due to a personal penchant for growing impatient and a bad habit of skim reading. (A vestige of the ancient Evelyn Woods reading dynamics technique).

While seeking additional information about how the US Stock markets perform markedly higher (over the long run) during Democratic Administrations vs Republican Administrations, I stumbled upon another noteworthy Liberal Values graphic from the voteview blog. The voteviewblog has analyzed US political polarization.   Voteviewblog   provides copious amounts of data and graphs that generally support understanding our existential political world. There are no surprises. When I read the voteview blog information, I thought about warnings. Warnings of a deteriorating social/political climate that benefits only the nation's wealthy based on their insulation from economic catastrophe.

On February 4, 2012 the's Ron Chusid published a piece related to political swings (Left and Right) away from a political point, I will refer to as "NEUTRAL". Of course. we know there is no such position in US politics; not even among so-called Independent voters.  However, it is interesting to view a graphic that regardless of intent shows how the nation has moved well Right of Center (NEUTRAL).  The graph also shows since 1945 how far each president moved the political spectrum farther Right or  towards the center Left.

{Note: DW- NOMINATE COMMON SPACE 1st dimension, defined. The read gets a little deep for this reader). While a difficult read for me, if one wants perspective on criteria used to build the graph (below), the reader will have to visit the  "defined" link.}

When I view the graph below I focus on the 0.0  (zero. zero) in the Y-Axis as the point I previously referred to as "NEUTRAL".  The phantom point is a center benchmarker for quick viewing of the distance from Center (NEUTRAL) the parties moved with each presidential term (since 1945).  My simple interpretation is, when the Right is in the White House the nation moves  drastically right (from zero up the positive scale) and the trend is not only very exaggerated to the right, each conservative president moves the nation farther to the social/political Right.

The graph also shows our history of much GOP federal governance, without counterbalancing Democratic governance, has  moved the nation politically Right.

No, your eyes are not lying. George W. Bush was by far the most conservative of all pictured Republican presidents since 1945. He also administered over the worse presidency during the same review period (maybe one of the worse in US History). 

As stated above the graph shows President Obama as the most moderate of all Democratic presidents.

Again, look at the the lined differences from 0.0 (Center NEUTRAL). From "NEUTRAL" the Lines are far mere to the positive than the negative lines for the Democratic Presidents. with links to the voteview blog.

The Republican Party has moved to the far right in recent years–far to the right of Barry Goldwater and even Ronald Reagan–while the Democrats have moved towards the middle. The voteview blog has analyzed recent presidents and the result is exactly what we already knew:
Our findings here echo those discussed in a prior post that Republicans have moved further to the right than Democrats to the left in the contemporary period. Indeed, as seen below, President Obama is the most moderate Democratic president since the end of World War II, while President George W. Bush was the most conservative president in the post-war era. 

Now for something far more basic, but telling to people in the middle class who seek information for informed decisions.

Exhibit I.  Jobs and Political party analysis

While we cannot overlay the DW-Nominate Common Space 1st Dimension graph with the following graph, the trends are easily discernible. Of course, the following chart goes back no farther than JFK; our  understanding current US politics need go back no further. Take a close look at chart bars and then look above at the previous graph. 

Exhibit II.  Stock Market performance and Political party analysis

Exhibit III. Greatest increases to the National Debt by president (post Jimmy Carter). After viewing the graph below look up at the  DW-Nominate Common Space 1st Dimension graph, again!

Exhibit IV.  For those who need to go back to the late 1940 as in the reference graph above.  Unfortunately, this chart excludes Obama as the charted data ends at 2005.  If you note the steep inclines and think back to each chart prior to this one, they story is stark and clear.

All political mantra, Karl Rovian political trickery and malfeasance, GOP rhetoric and Right-wing media's efforts to paint the Democratic party and the nation's progressives as 'spending drunken sailors', data shows a diametrically opposite story.

The data also reflects on what happens in the nation when the GOP takes us farther and farther into the abyss of growing conservatism in the United States.  If we take George W.  Bush's 'pied piper' journey as depicted above, the end was a disastrous recession that hung on the verge of a Great depression. It is also noteworthy to point out that recessions often accompany GOP Administrations. History does not lie; only historians lie. The GOP record of deep conservatism speaks for itself. Can we afford another foray to the verge of the abyss? 

The graphed and charted data cannot speak to other critical matters of governance and life in the United States. The US Supreme Court is a classic illustration of my point. 

The initial graph above also illustrates how we evolved to the SCOTUS currently sitting atop the American Judiciary.  A Court that gave the nation Citizens United and completes the viscous circle that may have at its core a growing conservative plutocracy.

Intelligent Americans should ask themselves, 

"Why would I want to continue down a path as delineated above?"  

Why are so many 'uber' Americans funneling money to the GOP? and, what do I really have in common with people who wish to buy elections?"

"Why am I supportive of an American Plutocracy?"  

If you are a high income earner, the answers are obvious.  Your life will grow richer (excuse the pun) as the GOP moves towards a plutocratic America. 

If you are middle class or poor, you must ask yourself, are these wealthy Romney donors people who I really believe care about my livelihood and that of my family?   Of course, if you have succumbed to the sycophancy inherent in many middle class people who subscribe to the GOP and its model of America, then you have wasted a quite few minutes reading and viewing facts.

"Facts are stubborn things", Ronald Reagan.

Allow one walk-away item.......

With each GOP Administration we see more evidence of a party on steroids.

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