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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Examiner: The Republican attack on public education and unions

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(UPDATE- 6/8/12) The true foundation of a person is their education. Whether it's in the classroom or knowledge that is gained throughout life, the education of a person is important. In the United States, it seems that education is under attack as public schools see their funds cuts by conservative lawmakers, and many college and university tuitions are rising faster than people can keep up with.
At over $1 trillion, The USA Today reports that student loan debt is now greater than credit card debt in the United States. In 2010, over $100 billion was given out in student loans. According to a report by, the average college debt held by students when they graduate is over $25,000. However, before students can get to college they get educated in elementary school, middle school and then high school. While college tuition is increasing, public education is under attack by Republicans across the country, putting children in America at a severe disadvantage.

In Florida, Republican Governor Rick Scott, proposed a budget that would cut $1 billion in property taxes and $1.5 billion in corporate taxes over a two year period. Off setting the lack of revenue coming into the government would be massive cuts to the Department of Children and Families, cutting billions out of Medicaid and slashing the education budget by nearly $5 billion over a multiyear time period. If Scott was able to pass his budget, Florida teachers would suffer a pay cut of over $2,000 a yearWisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, who just survived a recall election, proposed a budget that would cut $1.5 billion from public education and local governments. Democrat State Representative, Tamara Grigsby, said the cuts would: "be an annihilation of education in this state."

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